Wednesday Update

Today (Wednesday) was the first day of full pads -- a welcome sight. Now is the time when all that conditioning will come into play. Oregon has been lucky to have no serious injuries and the team is basically healthy. Keep your fingers crossed...

To my delight Special Teams continue to be a real focus --- on both sides of the ball. The receiving teams on punts look great. I heard Coach Ross tell them to think about scoring every time. He has had good punt and kickoff return teams in the past --- but this year's units could be over the top!! "One inch out of control!!" Kevin Mack threw a tremendous block --- above the waist and legal --- on one punt return. He moved his man sideways about 5 yards --- pads popping hard the whole way -- it was beautiful!!

The play of the day in 11 on 11 was Keenan Howry down the right sideline for about 30 yards or so ---- right by AK Keyes --- ouch!! The pass from Joey Harrington was crisp and perfect.

I noticed that George Wrighster was catching the ball well today. He made 4 or 5 catches in a row --- all in traffic. George has become one of my favorites this Fall!!! The man has very large triceps and one of the smallest waists on the team.

There was one time towards the end of practice when a little "situation" broke out between offense and the defense. It didn't last long and cooler heads prevailed. Like I said -- this defense has been hearing much about the offense in the press and not so much about them --- they have come to camp ready to make some noise. They are not backing down in practice ---- you have to like that!!

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