Swain Says He Would 'Fit In' At Oregon

Olathe (Kan.) Olathe North linebacker Jimmie Swain recaps his visit to Eugene and whether or not the Ducks made a big enough impact to sway his commitment from TCU.

TCU verbal commit linebacker Jimmie Swain was in Eugene over Thanksgiving weekend to take his official visit to Oregon. The four-star linebacker arrived on Thanksgiving Day and quickly got around to seeing what the Ducks had to offer.

Like most have said before him, Swain was blown away by the updated Oregon facilities when he toured them. But what made the visit special for him was taking part in the pre-game activities during Senior Day.

"I felt really privileged that I got to be a part of that on my official," Swain said. "I got to be a part of all the seniors being introduced for Senior Night, and a great win and really exciting game. I was also blessed enough to go to the banquet the next day and experience that atmosphere with the team."

Swain's host was freshman cornerback Juwaan Williams, but he also spent time with players like running back De'Anthony Thomas and quarterback Marcus Mariota, and linebacker Danny Mattingly during his visit. Getting a chance to socialize with them helped Swain settle in.

"I got to be around a lot of the guys and experience Oregon in a pretty good way," Swain said. "Even though it was Thanksgiving and there weren't a lot of people there, I just felt I got a good feel of the atmosphere."

Swain was also impressed with the fan base, which packed Autzen Stadium for the annual Civil War game against Oregon State. The Ducks won 36-35 thanks to a Mariota touchdown pass to Josh Huff with 29 seconds left.

"I really enjoyed the fans," Swain said. "They were so supportive through the adversity and everything the team had to play through. It was really great to experience that win with them. You can tell by the enthusiasm of the fans that the take it seriously and it's a very passionate thing."

Swain also spoke highly of linebackers coach Don Pellum, the coach responsible for bringing him in on the visit. Even after Swain verbally committed to TCU, he said Pellum kept talking to him and the two have formed a bond away from the football field that continued to grow on the visit.

"I was with Coach Pellum a majority of the weekend whenever I was around the coaches," Swain said. "He's a really great man. I had good conversations with him, not so much about football and the scheme and learning all of that, just generally getting to know each other better about life and things like that."

Earlier in the week, Swain told eDuck.com that the visit could have a big impact on his final decision if all went well. On Sunday, Swain indicated he thrive in several areas.

"I just really fit in with what they were doing there," Swain said. "Talking with all of the coaches, I got along with them. I felt really comfortable talking to them about everything. All of the players, I feel like I could hang out with all of them, not even just from a football standpoint. I could hang out with them and have a great time. They are really good guys doing the right things there. That's what I do. It's just really great to know that I fit in so well with the program and with the players, and that I get along with the coaches. Even the system they are doing, I feel like I could pick it up. I mean, not easily, but I feel it's a system I can thrive in and do well in."

Swain said that he will have a final decision after taking his official visit to TCU, which has not been scheduled as of yet. Although he has gotten a chance to evaluate several different aspects of the Horned Frogs program from an academic and athletic standpoint before, he wants to see if he has the same chemistry with the TCU roster that he had with Oregon's.

"I haven't really been around the players too much to see if I fit in, in that regard," Swain said. "We'll just have to see how that visit goes. From there we'll decide what I want to do with my final decision."

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