Helfrich: We do things the right way

It's been a tough six weeks for first-year head coach Mark Helfrich.

EUGENE- It's been a tough six weeks for first-year head coach Mark Helfrich. A pair of losses have dampened what appeared to be a promising season, and more recently he's been doled the responsibility of disciplining several players for off-the-field behaviors.

Defensive backs Troy Hill and Erick Dargan missed for the Civil War, and last week tight end Pharaoh Brown was suspended for the bowl game for his involvement in a student-wide snow ball fight.

Hill has since been suspended indefinitely after a domestic abuse charge was filed against him, while Helfrich was mum on Dargan, other than to say that he was "part of the program".

"Our guys know it's an honor and a privilege to represent this university and represent our fans and this program, and we'll behave within accordance to that," he said Tuesday.

The slew of incidents and how he's handled them, begs the question, what kind of a disciplinarian is he?

According to the coach himself, the answer is a varied one.

"We're going to do things right, and we're going to do things right as a program, we're going to do things right as individuals, and that goes from every single person top-to-bottom and there is no leeway on that," he said. "How you handle individual guys based on their background, their situation or personality, that's where differences come into play."

Sophomore wide receiver Bralon Addison says losing each player "impacts" the team, and that Helfrich is "a great family guy, but he also means business."

"Not with just getting in trouble, but if you're having trouble in school, he's going to discipline you the way the he feels you need to. Or if you're not doing things the right way in the locker room, your'e not cleaning up around the locker room, not doing the right thing in the cafeteria, not helping the janitors in anyway you can, he just understands, he gets its," he explained.

"He's a coach that has family, he's a people's person, so he knows how to treat other people. He preaches that all the time."

A Return Trip To Texas

Seven players on the Oregon roster are from Texas, so the return Lone Star state will bring special significance. Even more important for some will be the opponent, one that for all but two spurned them of a scholarship offer.

Senior wide receiver Josh Huff communicated his feelings for the Longhorns Saturday, saying "I'm going to do my best to make them regret their decision."

"It hurt a lot. That day that [offensive coordinator Major Applewhite] told me I wasn't good enough, from then on I took it personally. I always have them in the back of my mind, to let them know I'm going to outwork their five-star recruits."

Addison was one of two who received offers, but with the condition he play defensive back. The wideout says he's not approaching the game with the same vitriol as his teammate.

I made a decision to come here and I think I've been doing well here. It's not really a chip on my shoulder, I see it more as an opportunity to go up against a historically great program like these guys and just another chance to prove myself…"

Addison, who's hometown of Missouri City is a two-and-a half hour drive from San Antonio, says he expects between 40-50 family and friends will be at the game.

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