Oregon-Washington State Game Chat Log

The Oregon Ducks take on the Washington State Cougars at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene. eDuck.com will post the action from Game Chat.

Ducks vs. Cougars.

(stevesummers) Austin fouled driving to the hoop 19:30 will shoot two
(DuckPlanner)good job austin
(stevesummers) misses the first
(DuckPlanner)he has made so much improvement
(DuckPlanner)the last few games.
(stevesummers) misses the second
(stevesummers) Ducks turn the ball over 19:04
(stevesummers) Cougars with a shot clock violation
(stevesummers) 18:26
(stevesummers) steal young
(stevesummers) young fouled hard at the hoop
(stevesummers) 17:49
(stevesummers) will shoot two
(DuckPlanner)good steal
(stevesummers) 2-1 young good on the first
(stevesummers) good on the second 2 all 17:46
(DuckPlanner)young has been unreal this year.
(DuckPlanner)so good.
(stevesummers) Carter in Austin out
(stevesummers) 17:05
(stevesummers) steal Ducks
(stevesummers) 16:40
(stevesummers) Ducks turn the ball over 16:33
(DuckPlanner)back to back steals for the teams.
(DuckPlanner)ducks need to settle down
(stevesummers) whistle foul on cook
(stevesummers) dangerous play
(stevesummers) young could have been injured on that sequence
(DuckPlanner)you don't see young do that too often, got him in the air with no where to go.
(stevesummers) 15:54
(stevesummers) Lacey to the hoop, scores and is fouled
(stevesummers) timeout
(stevesummers) 4-2 WSU
(stevesummers) 5-2 on Lacey's FT
(stevesummers) Ducks ice cold
(stevesummers) 15:18
(stevesummers) Johnson with a 3
(stevesummers) 8-2 cougars
(stevesummers) 14;56
(DuckPlanner)and we are back
(stevesummers) steal Ducks
(stevesummers) Carter fouled underneath
(stevesummers) 14:19
(stevesummers) play very sloppy right now
(stevesummers) Carter shooting two
(stevesummers) misses the first
(DuckPlanner)artis doesn't seem like he has caught up with the team yet
(stevesummers) makes the second
(stevesummers) 8-3 wsu 14:17
(stevesummers) foul against wsu's wallace
(stevesummers) non-shooting
(stevesummers) 13:45
(stevesummers) illegal screen on Carter
(stevesummers) 13:15
(stevesummers) Moser out
(stevesummers) Cook in
(stevesummers) Ducks in full court pressure
(stevesummers) illegal screen on woolridge of wsu
(stevesummers) 12:39
(stevesummers) young rejected on the drive
(DuckPlanner)lets go duckies
(stevesummers) neither team can seem to get the ball in the hoop
(stevesummers) 12:11
(stevesummers) Oregon has not yet scored a field goal
(stevesummers) Amardi!
(stevesummers) 8-5 wsu
(stevesummers) 11:55
(DuckPlanner)nice moves by armardi
(stevesummers) steal young
(stevesummers) WOW
(stevesummers) Cook slams assist young
(stevesummers) 8-7 wsu
(stevesummers) 11:11
(stevesummers) foul underneath
(stevesummers) timeout 11:08
(DuckPlanner)amardi at the line
(stevesummers) 8-8
(DuckPlanner)makes first
(stevesummers) 10:52
(DuckPlanner)misses second
(stevesummers) good D by Artis
(stevesummers) 10-8 wsu
(stevesummers) young called for the offensive 10:10
(stevesummers) Cook tripped and the Ducks get the ball back 9:51
(stevesummers) Calliste short on the three
(stevesummers) shelton hits the 3
(stevesummers) 13-8 wsu
(stevesummers) 8:59
(stevesummers) over and back on the Ducks
(stevesummers) 8:59
(stevesummers) steal
(stevesummers) Calliste
(DuckPlanner)'tuck the tree in'
(stevesummers) 13-10 wsu
(stevesummers) 8:43
(stevesummers) can't tell if it was calliste that hit Lacey or was it shelton
(stevesummers) Calliste got hit pretty hard too by Shelton
(stevesummers) no foul accessed "a basketball play"
(stevesummers) foul on Calliste
(stevesummers) 8:26
(stevesummers) fjoul on Artis
(stevesummers) 8:02
(stevesummers) 14-10
(stevesummers) Loyd in
(stevesummers) lane violation on Amardi
(stevesummers) 15-10
(stevesummers) 8:02
(stevesummers) game on Pac-12 networks
(stevesummers) 7:41
(stevesummers) cook ineffective underneath on that play
(stevesummers) Shelton called for the foul on the box out timeout 7:13
(DuckPlanner)foul on cook?
(DuckPlanner)or shelton
(stevesummers) 16-10 as shelton makes the first and makes the second
(stevesummers) 17-10 7:03
(stevesummers) Ducks can't convert at the other end
(stevesummers) 6:52
(stevesummers) wsu turns the ball over 6:28
(stevesummers) 3FORMOSER
(stevesummers) 17-13 wsu
(stevesummers) 6:08
(stevesummers) Calliste can't convert an open 3
(stevesummers) 5:34
(stevesummers) moser gets a board
(stevesummers) 17-13 wsu
(stevesummers) 5:16
(stevesummers) 3FORLOYD!
(stevesummers) 17-16 wsu
(stevesummers) 4:49
(stevesummers) 19-16 wsu on shelton's drive and score
(stevesummers) 3FORMOSER!
(stevesummers) 19 all
(stevesummers) 4:10
(stevesummers) timeout 4:09
(stevesummers) Carter with the D boafrd
(stevesummers) moser b locked at the other end 3:29 quite a bit in time
(DuckPlanner)nice move by moser, but got blocked
(stevesummers) shelton witha 3
(stevesummers) Artis!
(stevesummers) 22-21 wsu
(stevesummers) 3:04
(stevesummers) Lacey hits a 3 and is fouled
(stevesummers) timeout 2:53
(stevesummers) 26-21
(stevesummers) 3FORCALLISTE!
(stevesummers) 26-24 wsu
(stevesummers) 2:28
(DuckPlanner)a hot Calliste would be nice
(stevesummers) calliste called for the foul
(stevesummers) 27-24 wsu
(stevesummers) 2:22
(stevesummers) 1:51
(stevesummers) blocking on cook
(stevesummers) 1:17
(DuckPlanner)bailed out by a block
(stevesummers) 28-24
(stevesummers) shelton hits the first
(stevesummers) and second
(stevesummers) 29-24
(stevesummers) travel on young
(stevesummers) 1:08
(stevesummers) artis in young out
(stevesummers) under aminute in the half
(stevesummers) 31-234
(stevesummers) timeout
(DuckPlanner)blocked by Carter
(DuckPlanner)but still beat shot clock
(stevesummers) young drives the hoop...and ball spins off the rim
(DuckPlanner)missed by Joe Young
(DuckPlanner)had the shot
(stevesummers) the story of the first half for the Ducks
(stevesummers) halftime Washington State 31 Oregon 24
(DuckPlanner)Ducks are playing down to the cougs
(stevesummers) Moser!
(stevesummers) steal and slam
(stevesummers) 31-26 wsu 19:56
(stevesummers) Austin with a block
(stevesummers) young steals has not started on the net yet lol
(stevesummers) 3FORMOSER!
(stevesummers) 31-29 wsu
(stevesummers) 19:18
(stevesummers) timeout 19:14
(DuckPlanner) two steals, two scores (Quacks44U) going to watch it, have a nice nite
(stevesummers) loyd called for the foul
(stevesummers) 19:08
(stevesummers) a 3 for lacey
(stevesummers) 34-29 wsu
(stevesummers) 3FORMOSER!
(stevesummers) 34-32 wsu 18:37
(stevesummers) 3FORMOSER!
(stevesummers) 35-34 Ducks!
(stevesummers) 18:01
(stevesummers) Ducks first lead of the game
(stevesummers) ball off lacey, Oregon basketball 17:42
(stevesummers) Austin fouled on the drive to the hoop
(stevesummers) will shoot 2
(stevesummers) 17:25
(stevesummers) Austin good on the first
(stevesummers) misses the second 36-34 Ducks
(stevesummers) 17:17
(stevesummers) 17:01
(stevesummers) 36 all
(stevesummers) 16:37
(stevesummers) moser nearly with a spectacular play
(stevesummers) moser with a block
(stevesummers) young misses
(stevesummers) 16:00
(stevesummers) wsu throws the ball out of bounds 15:52
(stevesummers) timeout 15:52
(stevesummers) steal ducks
(stevesummers) Calliste fouled at the hoop
(stevesummers) will shoot 2 15:15
(stevesummers) 37-36 Ducks Calliste good on the first
(stevesummers) 38-36 Ducks Callisted good on the second 15:10
(stevesummers) steal Ducks
(stevesummers) but also a shot clock violation on wsu
(stevesummers) 14:39
(stevesummers) young fouled on the drive to the hoop. will shoot 2
(stevesummers) 14:31
(stevesummers) young good on the first
(stevesummers) 39-36
(stevesummers) young misses the second
(stevesummers) 14:26
(stevesummers) steal young
(stevesummers) Calliste!
(stevesummers) 41-36 Ducks
(stevesummers) 13:45
(stevesummers) foul on calliste
(stevesummers) 13:28
(stevesummers) young fouled on the drive...non-shooting
(stevesummers) 12:39
(stevesummers) Amardi in Austin out
(stevesummers) and Amardi stripped
(stevesummers) lacey goes to the other end and scores
(stevesummers) 41-38Ducks
(stevesummers) Calliste can't respond wsu ball
(stevesummers) 12:05
(stevesummers) long rebound back to wsu
(stevesummers) 11:41
(stevesummers) woolridge fouled on the drive by Cook timeout 11:36
(stevesummers) Ducks seem to play well against good teams...and bad against not so good teams
(stevesummers) woolridge good on the first
(stevesummers) 41-39 Ducks
(stevesummers) 11:21
(stevesummers) young not finding the range tonight
(stevesummers) 10:55
(stevesummers) steal cook
(stevesummers) 3FORCALLISTE assist Young!
(stevesummers) 44-39 Ducks 10:32
(stevesummers) great defensive sequence by the Ducks moser goes to the other end is fouled
(stevesummers) non-shooting
(stevesummers) 9:52
(stevesummers) Moser with a 3 misses but was fouled
(stevesummers) fouled before the shot
(stevesummers) shelton fouled underneath the basket by Amardi
(stevesummers) Amardi's third foul
(stevesummers) 44-40 Ducks 44-41 9:33
(stevesummers) 46-41
(stevesummers) 46-43
(stevesummers) 8:51
(stevesummers) timeout 8:35
(stevesummers) Bassett!
(stevesummers) 48-43 Ducks 8:19
(stevesummers) Amardi with hammer assist Moser!
(stevesummers) 50-43 Timeout 7:40
(stevesummers) young boards
(stevesummers) 7:16
(stevesummers) 7:01 TV timeout
(stevesummers) 50-46
(stevesummers) 6:38
(stevesummers) Moser! assist young!
(stevesummers) 52-46 Ducks 6:12
(stevesummers) Bassett called for the foul at the other end
(stevesummers) Calliste called for the foul his third
(stevesummers) 5:47
(stevesummers) lacey shooting 1x1
(stevesummers) misses and moser board
(stevesummers) 3FORYOUNG~
(stevesummers) 55-46 Ducks
(stevesummers) 5:18
(stevesummers) moser boards
(stevesummers) 3FORYOUNG!
(stevesummers) 58-46 Ducks
(stevesummers) 4:43 timeout
(stevesummers) Young had been cold all game and now is warming up
(stevesummers) I'm impressed with with Young...he was struggling but instead of forcing shots he had some great assists
(stevesummers) DOT not playing
(stevesummers) block by Moser!
(stevesummers) Moser is having one his bestg games as a Ducks
(stevesummers) as a Duck
(stevesummers) 4:15
(stevesummers) 3:57
(stevesummers) timeout Nice to see Mike play hard D.
(stevesummers) I think Young will be on the line after the timeout
(stevesummers) I don't think he in the shooting motion...but Ducks in the 1x1
(stevesummers) 59-46 as young hits the first of 1x1
(stevesummers) and the second!
(stevesummers) 60-46
(stevesummers) 3:51
(stevesummers) moser with another board
(stevesummers) great feed but moser couldn't finish
(stevesummers) 3:00
(stevesummers) loyd boards
(stevesummers) 3FORYOUNG! assist Calliste!
(stevesummers) 63-46 Ducks
(stevesummers) 1:47
(stevesummers) Joe Young with an NBA-3 Industrial Strength
(stevesummers) woolridge gets one on his free throw attempt
(stevesummers) 63-47
(stevesummers) 63-48
(stevesummers) Young fouled in the back court
(stevesummers) 1:44
(stevesummers) 64-48
(stevesummers) Young automatic at the line
(stevesummers) 65-48
(stevesummers) 1:41
(stevesummers) Amardi called for the handcheck
(stevesummers) 1:31
(stevesummers) shelton shooting 1x1
(stevesummers) 65-49
(stevesummers) 65-50
(stevesummers) Moser!
(stevesummers) 67-50
(stevesummers) under a minute :50.5
(stevesummers) lacey fouled by bassett at the other end and will shoot two
(stevesummers) 67-53
(stevesummers) cook in moser goes to the bench and is the high scorer in the game with 21
(stevesummers) Artis called for the 5-second violation
(stevesummers) :36.2
(stevesummers) lacey misses and Bassett boards
(stevesummers) final score
(stevesummers) Oregon 67 WSU 53

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