Shots from Ducks' huge win over Arizona

Oregon notched their seventh consecutive win, as seven senior Ducks closed their careers at MKA with a seven-point win over #3 Arizona. Seniors Jason Calliste, Johnny Loyd, Mike Moser and Waverly Austin combined with sophomore Ben Carter, who made key blocks, buckets, and a steal down the stretch, to win the day.

Jason Calliste nailed a 3-pointer that bought the team within two at the close of a subpar first half. The Ducks couldn't get any closer to the Wildcats until Calliste hit another 3 at the 7:00 mark to spark a run that included Johnny Loyd's layup to tie it up at 50-50. Calliste hit another jumper to put the Ducks ahead 52-51, and with the entire team and sellout crowd behind them, the Ducks stayed ahead to close at 64-57. The 7 point margin marked the Ducks' 7th straight wins for its 7 seniors; nice numbers to take to Las Vegas!

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