Oregon Offer Could Be Coming For Ude

Atlanta (Ga.) Westminster defensive end Russell Ude has his timeline mapped out for a decision. Until then, he'll have to see a lot in a very short time.

Westminster defensive end Russell Ude already has a lengthy list of suitors after his talents. The 6-foot-3, 245-pound prospect has around 15 offers according to Scout.com and Oregon could join that list in the near future.

Ude has heard from a number of Oregon coaches, but said that defensive line coach Ron Aiken and outside linebackers coach Erik Chinander are tag-teaming his recruitment.

"They actually told me that they're going to offer me," Ude said. "They just need to come and see me to make sure my height and weight match up to what they think it is."

Ude spoke with Aiken on Thursday and from their conversations, Ude thinks that one of them could pay him a visit this spring before making their offer.

"He said they were going to come out in May," Ude said. "Coach Chinander said the same thing to me last week when I spoke with him."

Ude, who holds offers from programs around the country, is certainly intrigued by what Oregon could offer him and what he could do for Oregon.

"I'm very interested," Ude said. "Distance from home isn't a factor at all. They're a Top 10 program year in and year out and they have absolutely fantastic facilities."

Ude said he wants to visit Oregon, but hasn't set any dates for any of his visits yet. However, the Ducks could have a limited window of time as the junior doesn't plan on stringing out the process either. He wants to make a splash on a big stage, and could do it in the Ducks backyard.

"I really want to go out for The Opening," Ude said. "It's been a dream of mine to go there and commit. If I can't get to Oregon before The Opening, assuming I get invited, then I will go and try and do it at The Opening."

Right now, Ude said he is wide open with his recruitment but noted that the program that offered him as a sophomore, Boston College, is paying the most attention to him at the moment.

"They were my first offer and they haven't let off the gas pedal," Ude said. "If anything, they've started recruiting me harder and harder every day."

Behind the Eagles are a number of other programs vying for the three-star prospect. Miami and California are staying on him, as well as UCLA, who hasn't offered, but could soon.

"I've spoken with a significant amount of coaches on the staff and I feel like I'm close to an offer," Ude said.

As far as visits go, Ude listed Ohio State, Notre Dame, USC, UCLA, Miami, Clemson, Boston College and Oregon as possible destinations. He plans on waiting out the spring to take any trip that requires a flight, with the possible exceptions being the Eagles and the Ducks.

Ude said one of the reasons he's focusing on visits is because he's recovering from minor knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus that'll keep him off the camp circuit for a little while.

"I'm mainly focusing on visits," Ude said. "I love going to camps and competing, but I'm recovering from a little cleanup job I had done on my knee, so I'm not going out to too many camps right now."

Ude said the recruiting process has been a blessing for him, but he is doing what he can to limit some of the attention that makes him feel harassed. Still, he realizes that he's in a fortunate position and knows he can learn from it.

"It's been crazy because just when you think you know how things are going to play out, there's a twist or a turn," Ude said. "You can't predict anything in the whole recruiting business."

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