Buncom Focused Away From Gridiron

San Diego (Calif.) St. Augustine safety Frank Buncom opens up about his offseason and when he plans on turning his focus back to recruiting.

Frank Buncom knew recruiting wouldn't be a prime focus for him this spring. In fact, he told Scout.com as much last month in an interview with Brandon Huffman. On Thursday, the four-star St. Augustine safety told eDuck.com that not much has changed — and he's fine with it.

"It makes it easy for me to be a high school kid and let things play out," Buncom said.

The hiatus has more to do with Buncom's schedule than anything. Immersed in the middle of baseball season, he's also juggling school work and offseason workouts.

The only activity he has planned for the future is attending NFTC Oakland and he is hoping to parlay that into visits with Cal, Stanford and possibly San Jose State while there.

Additionally, Buncom is putting his focus on community service. Once a month, St. Augustine students go down to the Mexican town of Tijuana to visit an orphanage. During the football season Buncom is unable to make it to Mexico because of practice, so he visits as much as he can during the offseason.

"I have a pretty basic level of Spanish," Buncom said. "I'd say my level of Spanish is probably like a seven-year-old whose native language is Spanish. So when I go down there to the orphanage and I play with the kids my level of Spanish is perfect for their level so we just have a good time."

Even when he thinks he has a free moment, another event pops up that keeps Buncom away from recruiting. For example, he had planned to take an unofficial visit to USC and UCLA this weekend, but he will end up missing it for a Rotary Youth Leadership Award event.

"I have a lot more important things to worry about in my life right now," Buncom said. "I feel like I'm called to do a lot more than be a college football player."

Of course, none of this has stopped a few schools from staying in regular contact with the 6-foot-2, 190-pound defensive back.

"The main schools that have offered me that are trying to make sure they're up there are Arizona State, Cal and Boston College," Buncom said.

Outside of schools that have offered, there are a number of other programs showing interest.

"USC has big interest, Oregon, Notre Dame, and Alabama is kind of sneaking in their way in there," Buncom said.

Buncom met Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich when he visited St. Augustine, but his main contact with the Ducks has been assistant coach Jim Fisher. The Ducks like his size and versatility to play at either corner or safety while Buncom likes the way the program carries itself on the field.

"They have that special type of swagger to them," Buncom said. "You know how USC has that special they're better than you swagger? Oregon kind of has that same type of swagger and a lot of that comes with Phil Knight and the plethora of Nike jerseys. Those are obviously things that stand out to a high school student."

Although there isn't an offer present, Buncom isn't worried about that at the moment. He said that the Ducks stay in regular contact and that they've broached the subject of getting the junior up to Eugene. That is, if they can find the time in his schedule.

"I have a pretty hectic schedule and I'm a pretty busy guy with all of my baseball and schoolwork and service, so it's been really hard for me to travel," Buncom said. "But we're trying to work out a date probably in the summertime hopefully that I can get up to Oregon."

Buncom foresees jumping back into recruiting during the summer. He had planned to take part in a summer medical program in Uganda, but as of now he's not sure he'll be able to do it. "Things pop up and weekends go by and I have to do something," he said. "Really during the school year probably won't be the best time for me. It'll probably definitely be after the school year."

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