Spring Day 3: Kamp talks weight gain

EUGENE - While fans have reveled in the bigger, stronger Ducks that arrived at spring camp this week, no one has added more weight than junior defensive lineman Sam Kamp.

EUGENE - While fans have reveled in the bigger, stronger Ducks that arrived at spring camp this week, no one has added more weight than junior defensive lineman Sam Kamp.

Kamp is listed 29 pounds heavier than last season, he says that number maybe be closer to 31 now, and says about 20 of those 'lbs' are "pure muscle."

The motivation for Kamp and his teammates was largely "player driven", Kamp says, deriving from the 26-20 loss in Palo Alto in November.

"I think everyone knows that after the Stanford game we all felt the speed wasn't enough, we needed the speed and the strength," he said. "I don't think we've lost in speed, but we all knew in the offseason that we needed to get huge."

He specifically recalls team leader Hroniss Grasu addressing the team and telling his teammates "We all need to get bigger".

And so the process began. Kamp says weight training changed from past years, lower reps, more weight.

"Throw up as much weight as you can, take a rest and go again," Kamp explained.

Kamp says he sometimes lifted twice a day and normally ate five or six meals.

Kamp hopes the "bad weight" will work itself into the "good" category by the time the season starts, but that the new 6-foot-4 287-pound version was necessary due to a position change.

With interior linemen, Wade Keliikipi, Taylor Hart and Ricky Havili-Heimuli all moving on, Kamp has made a different move, from end where he played the past two seasons, to the inside.

Like most of his teammates, already understood how to play all three DL positions, the heftier framer has been greater challenge.

"I'm getting used to it, it's hard to get used to playing with more weight, but once you do it becomes natural," he said.

The loss of three key linemen hasn't phased the group, he says, saying he thinks they're "stronger than ever".

Defensive line newcomers Tui Talia and T.J. Daniel, who redshirted last season while transitioning from offense to defense, have helped to bolster the unit.

"Tui is a really fast learner. He's been here three days and he's getting the defense down really quickly," Kamp said.

Daniel like Kamp has gained over 20 pounds, now carrying 275 pounds with his 6-foot-6 frame.

"T.J. worked his butt off this offseason and got huge. He might not have gained as much weight as me, but he certainly gained as much strength, if not more. He's going to be a powerful person to deal with this year for a lot of offensive tackles," Kamp said.

Scott Frost Quotables

Offensive coordinator Scott Frost was available for the first time this spring camp. Here's the highlights:

On Bralon Addison the leader

"Keanon Lowe is pretty much the clear-cut leader in the receiver room, but Bralon's got to be second. He was able to kind of able to sit back and watch Josh and Keanon lead last year, but now he's going to be one of our go-to-go guys on offense."

On pace and tempo

"I think the pace is even better. Every time we get to a certain point we talk about that being our baseline and standard and now we want to exceed our standard. I think what feels really slow now to us, was probably fast a couple of years ago."

On Thomas Tyner

"I'm really impressed with Thomas so far this spring. If he keeps practicing the way he practices now, we're going to have a really good player on our hands. I think he's kind of decided to take it to the next level, and it's really shown up."

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