Midlands Recruiting Roundtable (5/23/14)

This week each analyst has the Midlands Class of 2015 as our draft class. The first three picks are in. Malik Jefferson, Kendall Sheffield and Daylon Mack are off the board 1, 2, 3. We are on the clock with selection No. 4. Who do we draft next for the college game and why? Check out the answers, and there is at least one surprising selection...

  Pos Rank Name HT WT High School State Team
http://media.scout.com/media/image/134/1340597.jpg OL Maea Teuhema 6'5 335 Keller TX Alpha Pro
Recruiting: LSU (Commit)
Quick Hitter: Teuhema has to be one of the biggest players to lace em up in Oregon. He is overhwleming at the point of attack and suprisingly agile. He has the chnace to possibly be the most dominating player at the event from the Midlands regardless of position. Strong showing could move him up the national Top 100 list. 
http://media.scout.com/media/image/134/1340597.jpg S Will Sunderland 6'2 190 Midwest City OK Alpha Pro
Recruiting: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Nebraska, Arkansas
Quick Hitter: Teuhema has to be one of the biggest players to lace em up in Oregon. He is overhwleming at the point of attack and suprisingly agile. 
http://media.scout.com/media/image/134/1340597.jpg WR Ryan Newsome 5'8 166 Aledo TX Alpha Pro
Recruiting: Texas, Notre Dame, UCLA, Oregon, Oklahoma
Quick Hitter: Teuhema has to be one of the biggest players to lace em up in Oregon. He is overhwleming at the point of attack and suprisingly agile. 

Greg Powers
National Recruiting Analyst, Midlands

Looking at the rankings as a draft board, would say that Cedar Hill (Texas) High receiver DaMarkus Lodge is next on my list, but I would have to say it is a tough battle right there at the spot as Maea Teuhema, Deionte Thompson and the two top-rated quarterbacks (Jarrett Stidham and Kyler Murray) are all attractive and viable options. But the darkhorse player who I think could slide up in to this spot if he can show that he is fresh and ready to go after a season ending junior ACL injury is Rockwall (Texas) High's Chris Warren, who checks in as the No. 91 player in the country. At over 6-foot-2 and around 230 pounds now, Warren is a freakish athlete who has posted 4.50 40-yard dash and is just able to move and run in an unnatural manner for a player with his size and frame. As a running back, he has easily recognizable power as defenders just slide off his jersey like it is dipped in oil, but I have to admit I am a bit intrigued just thinking about what he may be able to do along a defensive front as an impact defensive end. He already is an elite running back prospect, but could he also one day be an NFL level defender? That is a good kind of problem to have if you are Warren.

Ahmard Vital
Midlands Recruiting Analyst, Houston

It's clear that base on the opening choices that this is a stacked draft. Most would go for an offensive skilled position, seeing that the game has gone vertical and having guys with the ball in their games. If that was the mindset, then my choice would be Clear Lake tight end Jordan Davis. He's long, thick and athletic. And on top of that, if he were to gain more weight and fill out even more (has the frame for sure), I could use him as a tackle. But I'm following the model of the most recent Super Bowl champions in the Seattle Seahawks. With that, my selection at No. 4 is Lamar cornerback Holton Hill. With Hill on the edge, I can have the best chance in shutting down my opponent's top offensive weapon at receiver. Hill is long, and has the ability to play press man or off man. Whatever time I'm given to make the pick, it would only take me half the time to get Hill on the phone and out of the green room.

Gabe Brooks
Midlands Recruiting Analyst, ETx/DFW

My personal draft philosophy would probably dictate how I handled this. Personally, running the football is a priority for me, in addition to having a good quarterback. I know that sounds obvious, but I believe having a great line is more important and harder to find than having an elite tailback. Therefore, quarterbacks and offensive linemen are higher priorities for me than running backs and receivers, which I can find in numbers later in our imaginary draft. Defensively, I prefer a man-oriented even-front scheme, so linemen and cover men are more important for me than linebackers, which are obviously major priorities in odd-front schemes. Additionally, the hardest defenders to find are impact tackles. Generally speaking, I prefer to build around defense, so my instinct is to look at the top defenders, even with Malik Jefferson, Kendall Sheffield, and Daylon Mack off the board. While there are some very good D-tackles in this class, with Mack already gone, there's a bit of a dropoff at that position, and I'd rather not take a cornerback as high as No. 4, especially considering that Texas has eight in our state top 92 with double-digit offers. I'll take one of those later in the draft. So, that narrows my decision at No. 4 to quarterbacks and offensive linemen. That whittles my choices to Maea Teuhema, Jarrett Stidham, and Kyler Murray. I'd have a heck of a time deciding between the quarterbacks. Murray is so great right now; Stidham has such a high ceiling. Teuhema could probably play tackle or guard in college and be a monster at either. (For the record, he's our No. 1 guard in the nation in the 2015 class.) So with that lengthy explanation, I would pick Keller High School prospect and LSU commit Maea Teuhema at No. 4 and build a hellacious offensive line around that selection.

Derek Young
Midlands Recruiting Analyst, Upper Midlands

My pick would be quarterback Jarrett Stidham of Stephenville, Texas. If there's a signal caller on the board in the top five that is worth the selection and you're in team in need of one, he's  the one impossible to turn down. Stidham has great size at 6-foot-4 and continues to add bulk. He possesses terrific arm strength and is very decisive with the ball. Stidham is not a statue, either. He can stretch plays with his feet, which is important at all levels of the game anymore. He's a perfect fit for what Kliff Kingsbury and the Red Raiders want to do offensively. Texas Tech will have a stud at the position arriving in Lubbock.

Annabel Stephan
Midlands Recruiting Analyst, Cen-Tex

My initial instinct here is to go with a quarterback, but with two elite signal-callers in this class (Kyler Murray, Jarrett Stidham) and a handful of top tier guys (Quinten Dormady, Chason Virgil, J.W. Ketchum), I feel okay waiting to use my second pick because I know I'll still land a solid athlete at that position. That being said, I'm going to go with who I think is the overall best available player for my first pick: Cedar Hill (TX) receiver DaMarkus Lodge. He's one of the best receivers that the Lone Star State has produced in a while and is really the complete package. A true difference maker, he's displayed the ability to make every catch and I believe that his skills set will translate seamlessly to the next level.

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