Doherty focusing this summer

Marquise Doherty has been public and very clear about his desire to play both football in baseball in college. Doherty though is working to get noticed before the 2015 MLB Draft.

Kansas City (Mo.) Winnetonka RB/S Marquise Doherty has had a busy summer and it's not slowing down anytime soon. The 6-foot-1 and 190-pound recruit is out of town right now playing baseball.

"I am in Atlanta right now," Doherty said. "This was kind of a showcase tournament to see some different pitching. It was a great experience with better competition."

Doherty is holding some solid football offers, but this summer has him focusing on baseball. It's an important time for Doherty -- who wants to play both football and baseball in college -- to get exposure before the MLB Draft.

"I haven't been able to do too much. Going into my senior year it's the most important year for exposure and to improve your draft status.

"I was in Florida before this for a Perfect Game tournament. We will get back to Kansas City and I will leave for Cincinnati shortly after then I should find out if I make the team or not and get to go to San Diego."

Doherty may have an opportunity to see a couple of schools here in the coming weeks. There could be a trip where he sees one or two schools, but again it will come down to his baseball schedule and if he can make the trip.

"My sister just got her MBA and we will be going to Chicago to see her. If I go with my family we will stop by at Iowa and possibly Northwestern. I am not sure if I will be going though because of baseball."

Nebraska was one of the first schools to offer Doherty. He has stayed in touch with Nebraska through the busy summer speaking to his recruiting coach as recent as two weeks ago or so. Doherty got the picture that there was limited space left in the 2015 class for the Huskers.

"I spoke with Coach John Garrison from Nebraska two to three weeks ago," Doherty said. "He told me then that they were only taking 16 players in the class and only had a few spots left."

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