Ducks get back to work in fall camp

The incoming players continue to get a taste of the Oregon way on the practice field as we move a day closer to kick off for the season.

One of the smallest changes to the Oregon practice apparel is around their neck. Players’ practice shirts have a blue collar on them, seemingly as a reminder of what it takes to compete at this level. With that in mind, the Ducks took to their second day of practice today and the feedback from Coach Mark Helfrich and Coach Don Pellum reflect that ideal in their praise.

“They’re working their tails off, they had one period where I don’t think they ran great, we have a very high standard for what that means. For the rest of the practice I think they ran around and did things really well,” said Helfrich.

Oregon is facing a challenge on the practice field that they haven’t seen for some time, bringing in 40 new faces to the fold and for some the game seems to be moving along and they’re catching on to the system while the development isn’t as fast for others. Coach Helfrich didn’t come out with any particular names of who is impressing him this early but gave the media a simple reminder.

“Execution is going to happen at different rates based on a lot of variables.”

For incoming players, the demand of learning a new playbook and new terminology for a system likely seems a daunting task, especially at the speed at which Oregon executes. The practice philosophy is a simple one; keep throwing new concepts at players and see what sticks.

“I think the first scrimmage is somewhere around day 6 or 7 and we’re going to force it all the way until then. Then we will evaluate who can pick it up and retain it and actually get on the field and formulate who can help us,” said Pellum.

There is a palpable buzz around Autzen which comes with the territory of being in the first week of fall camp. It will be interesting to see if that same energy and excitement levels stick as the summer heat and two a days loom on the horizon.

I will be at practice daily and if you have any requests for who you would like to hear from, leave it in the comments and I will request them for interview.

Notable Quotables


I love our effort, there are so many things that are a work in progress at this point; but the attitude, the effort and just the pure work is just great.

We have a bunch of young talented guys who don’t know what they’re doing yet but there’s a lot of good looking stuff out there. A lot of stuff that you can polish up.

Some of these young guys are definitely going to help us I think, just based on past experience and where they are mentally right now.

[My expectations for new guys are] to have a great attitude and work hard. If they take correction, which they have, the key for them is to make new mistakes.


The evidence is on the field and the evidence is that they were working [over the summer]. We started at a slightly higher level than where we finished in the spring.

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