Bralon Addison works out, eyes return

Speaking with Devon Allen, Bralon Addison and Coach Matt Lubick, we get an idea of what to look for as the Ducks go into their first scrimmage tomorrow.

One position which has been getting a lot of attention this fall is wide receiver; rightfully so, as Oregon is going to be without their two main receiving threats a year ago. Recently twitter was aflutter with reports that Bralon Addison may be able to give it a go this season after all and not miss the entire season after his knee injury in spring camp.

“I’m doing a lot of drills. Keeping my craft right and trying to stay in shape, really,” said Addison, “young guys are coming to me and asking questions when they have questions. I’m just trying to be a great team mate and help out my team any way I can.”

Much has been made of the wide out’s potential return at the Michigan State game in three weeks. It seems like that may be far-fetched, but do not be surprised if you see #11 lining up for the Ducks before the year is over.

“I don’t have a time frame but I want to get back as soon as possible and I want that to be this season,” said Addison.

Addison’s contributions and new perspective from the sideline has not gone unnoticed by receiver’s coach Matt Lubick who also took some time to speak about the upcoming year and Addison’s impact on the incoming talent.

“On the sidelines, [Bralon] will say something as well as I can say it. When he tells another player something, I am very confident that he is telling them the right thing,” said Lubick.

Lubick went on to give a glowing review of Oregon’s newest track star and wide receiver Devon Allen. Last week, coach Mark Helfrich commented on Allen’s toughness both mentally and physically and coach Lubick echoed that sentiment.

“We were in the middle of spring workouts. It was the week of the national championship race and we were doing a big hike up Mt. Pisgah. We gave him the option to lay back on this and win the national championship. He said ‘Coach, I’m fine. I can handle this. I’m still running. You saw the results and I think that says a lot about him. I would never bet against that guy in anything he does,” said Lubick.

Naturally, Allen’s elite speed will assist him on deep routes. It is often the question, can track speed translate onto the football field? In talking about this translation from one sport to the other, Allen acknowledged his straight line speed but was quick to talk about where he needs to improve and how he goes from track athlete to football athlete.

“The short route game is something I’ve been working at to get better... It’s a little tough getting back to quick starts and quick stops. You just run in track, you don’t do too much starting and stopping. Once you start hitting people again, it begins to feel more natural.

Oregon’s first scrimmage is tomorrow and we will be hearing from coach Helfrich about the outcome of that. Coach Lubick maintains that he is looking for effort and looking to see how his players perform through the end of the play and how they finish. We will have a full report of the day’s scrimmage tomorrow.

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