Ducks have sloppy first scrimmage

Dropped passes and poor exchanges mark the first scrimmage for Oregon.

To this point in fall camp, the Ducks have not have the opportunity to hit and finish plays. Today’s scrimmage gave the players a taste of live action and following plays through to their end. According to Coach Mark Helfrich, it was a sloppy first scrimmage which has; for better or worse, become the standard for opening scrimmages in Eugene.

“There were a couple drops, a couple muffed exchanges. For whatever reason it has been a hallmark here; that we were sluggish, since the beginning of time. You can talk to Gary Campbell about that. He’s been here since Earth. Guys are working hard, they have a good attitude and we have a very high standard for them,” said Helfrich.

Reported by the coaches, the defense owned the first part of the scrimmage but the offense was able to come back down the stretch and come away victorious. By no means is a slow start in scrimmage a death-knell for the Ducks as they still have time to prepare and iron things out before the season starts.

A notable presence on the offensive line, Andre Yretagoyena took the tackle position and coach Helfrich is very confident in the young linemen saying that his presence on the line makes Oregon versatile. Acknowledging several members of the media, Coach Helfrich said, “I would be confident in you five. We have a ton of confidence in them, a ton.” Whether it was a tounge-in-cheek comment or a desire to instill confidence in his own team, Mark Helfrich is moving forward with Andre Y at the tackle position and has no qualms about him being there.

Standouts from the opening scrimmage were named as Danny Mattingly, Austin Daich, Taylor Alie and Johnathan Loyd. Coach Helfrich stated that he was impressed by the line backer play in the first scrimmage.

Oregon still has no movement on who is going to be where on the depth chart, the decisions will not be made until next week as the Ducks hurtle towards their opening tilt with South Dakota.

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