Oregon makes it to the midway point of camp

Oregon finishes their first full week of camp before turning their eyes to regular game preparation late next week.

At the midway point of practice, Oregon’s coaches and players have a lot to reflect on. The coaches are figuring out which young players are going to be on the field this season, and the players themselves are focused on their last full week of practice for practice’s sake. Late next week, the game planning will go into effect and Oregon will turn its focus away from themselves and towards their first opponent of the season in South Dakota.

“Now it’s down to specialty stuff. We have a lot of guys who haven’t played college football before and a bunch of them that haven’t played here. Once we get into game mode, we will really start refining things,” said coach Mark Helfrich.

Coach Helfrich went on to talk about some of the young guys who may be seeing playing time this year, letting off a litany of names.

“There has been a bunch of people. There are a couple guys who showed up with ‘I’m going to redshirt’ mentality and that’s not what we want. There are several guys in mind: Royce Freeman, Charles Nelson, Jalen Brown, Tyrell Crosby, Jimmie Swain. We haven’t made an end all be all decision on any of them,” said Helfrich.

According to Helfrich, the freshman are moving along with the installation as well as being able to execute the offense. This far into camp, players have to learn to memorize an entire playbook. However, when it comes to game time their preparation and focus get more of a microscope approach than a telescope.

“At this point in, you have way more [installed] than you would game plan for a season. It’s like a toolbox. You’re going to pick out your tools as you go along and right now they have a huge, overloaded toolbox,” said Helfrich.

Full tool box or not, the Ducks are half way through camp. In listening to Mark Helfrich, he still states he wants to see the team execute at a higher level. Oregon’s second scrimmage is scheduled for Tuesday or Thursday of next week and it will be interesting to see how far they have come since their sloppy first effort.

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