Players battle being tired going into week 3

As week one of the regular season approaches, the Ducks look to maintain and force themselves to the limits in practice.

The hallmark of the Oregon offense since Chip Kelly became offensive coordinator has been Oregon’s athleticism and speed. Much of that is credit to the way Oregon conditions in fall camp and throughout the season. For incoming players, it can be a shock to the system.

“For a lot of the newcomers, we see a lot of exhaustion on day one at the beginning of practice. I don’t think a lot of the young guys realize how good of shape they have to be in to make this work. By the time guys are juniors and seniors around here, they can run forever,” said Coach Scott Frost.

That willingness to become faster and work harder has carried the Ducks to a high level of success over the past several years. For Frost, what it really comes down to is the ability to play tired and stay focused throughout camp.

“These guys are hungry. We have a hungry team that’s motivated. You get tired and sometimes you have to battle through being tired but we want our guys to be comfortable with being tired. Every snap we take on a football field, we are tired because of the pace we go at. The more comfortable they are with being tired and able they are to fight back, the better off we will be,” said Frost.

A desire to be tired is not something you typically hear out of a coach or a team but it is an interesting perspective. If a player never figures out what point will make them tired, than they may never be able to achieve their full potential.

With a second scrimmage planned for this week, the coaches will be able to see which players will be able to play while tired. From what Coach Frost said, the scrimmage gives coaches an opportunity to see which players can finish and have the ability to play tired and compete.

While the players can certainly gain ground in the scrimmage, coaches primarily look for a whole body of work over the course of camp when they factor in the two deep. We will still have to wait and see who gets in, likely until game week before we really know.

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