Defense hurtles toward second scrimmage

Ducks look for who is going to step up and show their knowledge on the field on Thursday without help from the coaches.

One of the bigger days of fall camp is fast approaching for the Ducks as they will be in their second scrimmage on Thursday. It is important to note once again that a single performance in a scrimmage will not elevate a guy to a role of its own merit. Rather, the coaching staff and Don Pellum in particular will be analyzing the players’ full camp and making their decisions on who plays where.

“With this last scrimmage, we’re looking for guys to step up. Now we need to see who really knows what we are doing. At some point here soon, we’re going to have to take the travel squad and move forward. We’re looking for guys to elevate themselves with their play and their knowledge,” said Pellum.

Reports have shown that the Oregon defense has been playing at a much more physical clip this year. It is not unreasonable to think that can be traced back to having a former line backers coach as your defensive coordinator. One area the Ducks have fallen down in recent years has been in their physicality on defense. Fair or unfair the defense has gotten a reputation for being a bit soft in big time games.

Regardless of that, Coach Pellum pointed back to the head coach when talking about how physical Oregon has decided to play.

“I think the emphasis on being bigger, stronger and more physical came from coach Helfrich. That was something that [he] and coach Radcliffe sat down at the end of last season and said ‘This is the direction we are going to go in.’ As assistant coaches we jumped right in and marched to that beat,” said Pellum.

The defense will have the opportunity to show the offense that their physicality has picked up later this week when they scrimmage for the second time. Coaches have mentioned that after the second scrimmage they are likely to begin game planning for South Dakota when they come to town at the end of this month.

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