Royce Freeman tears up second scrimmage

The Ducks appear to be completely loaded at tailback as Royce Freeman runs wild in the second scrimmage.

After the first scrimmage, the defense had gotten the better of the offense and made many question whether the offense was going to be able to be as prolific as it has been in recent years. Couple that with the injury of Tyler Johnstone and the Oregon offense was not receiving high early marks from popular opinion.

Many of the questions of the Oregon offense were answered today as the offense took the scrimmage from the defense, much to the thanks of incoming freshman Royce Freeman. According to Rob Mosely’s tweet, Freeman broke off a pair of touchdown runs today and was as impressive as he has been all through camp.

“Royce was very impressive today. There were a couple [runs] that was very impressive and a couple where we would like to tackle better. He really stood out,” said coach Mark Helfrich.

Not only does Freeman impress the coaches, but his mark is getting left with the team as well. Marcus Mariota spoke to what the freshman has been able to do since he has started fall camp.

“That kid has done an unbelievable job since he has gotten here. He has taken it upon himself to learn pass protection, to learn where to line up in certain formations. This kid; if he continues to do what he is doing is going to be special,” said Mariota.

It still is a lot of conjecture to this point, but from the sounds of things, the Ducks have found something special in Royce Freeman. It remains to be seen if his prowess in practice translates to actual game reps, but with a little more than a week to go before the first contest, we will not have to wait long.

After working against one another for a solid three weeks, Oregon looks to start game preparation which will begin after an off day tomorrow as they come together and begin working to take on South Dakota. The players seem excited to take off the practice pads and work towards hitting someone wearing a different color when the season starts next Saturday.

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