Focus Shifts to Spartans for Oregon offense

After a shellacking to the Coyotes, the Ducks face a stiffer challenge with the #8 team in the country coming into town.

Finally, the Ducks can address the elephant that has been in the room since the beginning of fall camp. This Saturday, College Game Day will be in town for the week’s premier match-up of the Oregon Ducks and the Michigan State Spartans. Media and fans have been asking Oregon for even the littlest sign of looking ahead from the Ducks but have been stonewalled with Mark Helfrich’s one game at a time mentality.

Oregon’s offense had a field day against an overmatched South Dakota team just as the Spartans ran roughshod over Jacksonville State. In the process, neither team seemed to want to show their hand coming into this week’s showdown.

“I think both Michigan State and us got to shake the rust off but neither one of us got tested. The big test is going to come next week…I’m sure they are a little like us. If there is anything new, they probably aren’t going to show it,” said Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost.

This Spartan defense is a very athletic group and Oregon is going to have to improve from a week ago in respect to not hurting themselves. Oregon cannot afford to fall back on false start penalties and certainly cannot afford to flip the ball before getting into the end zone as Byron Marshall did against the ‘Yotes.

“I think you saw what he did with the ball on the second touchdown, right? It’s taken care of,” said coach Gary Campbell.

One wrinkle the Ducks have put into their game from a season ago is the use of Marshall as a pass receiver out of the backfield which has to be taken note of by Michigan State. The benefit of having Marshall coming out of the backfield is it may loosen some of the press coverage the corners like to play and give the Duck receivers a chance to get down the field.

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