Spartans unlike anyone in the conference

With all eyes on Eugene, Oregon prepares for the Spartans

Oregon may be facing a new challenge this week, but one thing has not changed in Eugene. Oregon has not changed the way the come into a game and the way they prepare for the marquee game of the week and possibly the season.

“We haven’t done anything other than our normal practice. We have been trying to ramp up our scout teams on both sides of the ball. As far as trying to represent their physicality up front on both sides of the ball is difficult. Our guys know this is a big game,” said Head Coach Mark Helfrich.

Helfrich went on to discuss the importance of what a fast start could mean for his offense and how it could affect the Michigan State defense.

“If we get out to a fast start, it’s important. If we don’t get out to a fast start we will wait and see. We would love to get out to a great start and maybe make them a little more one dimensional,” said Helfrich.

Most likely due to last year’s Rose Bowl, many similarities have been drawn between Michigan State and Stanford. Both teams like to grind it out and let their defense dominate, but coach Helfrich doesn’t see it that way.

“We know we’re playing an outstanding team, different than Stanford. They are differently skilled in a bunch of different ways. We have to have the same fundamentals. There are going to be highs and lows and we need to keep playing,” said Helfrich.

One thing that has been brought up consistently this week is that the Spartans run a different style of defense than anything that is currently going on in the conference. For the majority of the Pac-12, teams run an odd man defensive front. Conversely, the Spartans will often look to line up 4 linemen on the ball and pressure using the front four. It will be a staunch test for Oregon’s offensive line to see if they can hold up against the pressure.

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