Ducks forge ahead with Spartans in rear view

Oregon closes their non conference schedule against the Cowboys who are also 2-0 to this point in the year.

After beating a game Michigan State team, it is time for the Ducks to turn their attention to a bit of a lesser opponent in the Wyoming Cowboys. As is typical, coach Mark Helfrich was complimentary of Oregon’s next opponent and their coach, Craig Bohl.

“He has won more games in a row than I have been a head coach. That’s pretty impressive. When you are talking about multiple national championships at anything, that is hard to do,” said Helfrich.

The Ducks appear to be moving on after their hallmark victory against the Spartans focusing on their next opponent. As Coach Helfrich had said since week one Oregon continues to focus on themselves and make themselves better rather than focusing on changing themselves for their opponent.

Oregon continues to prepare for the Cowboys and face each week as its own challenge. To this point in the season it has benefitted the Ducks to prepare for each week as it comes rather than try to take on the entire season.

“I haven’t seen any indication that we can just sit back and relax. Our first two days of preparation have been good, have been solid. We are in Cowboy game week. We are consistent in our approach and that’s not coach speak. We believe in how we approach games and if we stray from that for a bigger game, then we are full of beans,” said Helfrich.

It seems that the “Oregon can’t play physical” narrative has worn thin with the Ducks and coach Helfrich. While many think the Ducks have acquitted themselves of what has become a yearly discussion, Helfrich seems to be ready to move on. He commented on whether the book had been closed on the argument.

“You’re asking the question, so apparently not. I have no idea but that is not something we worry about,” said Helfrich.

Speaking of moving on, there have been rumors that Chance Allen may be departing the team and requesting a transfer after Ryan Thorburn reported on twitter that Allen was in street clothes and going in to talk with the coaches.

Mark Helfrich addressed the topic but still did not provide any finality to the potential situation with Allen. After his score against Nichols, Allen had not made much of an impact on the roster and may be seeing his future slipping with the emergence of Devon Allen as the Duck’s deep threat.

“Chance Allen as of right now is still on the team,” said Helfrich.

The Ducks will be facing another defense who has been solid against their opponents. The Cowboys have only allowed 25 points to this point in the season but have not gone up against a challenge like Marcus Mariota and the Ducks. It will be interesting to see how Scott Frost and the coaching staff prepares to go up against their Tampa 2 approach and how successful they can be.

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