Green has Oregon in front after visit

2016 Woodbury (Minn.) East Ridge quarterback Seth Green breaks down his visit to Oregon last weekend and what stood out to him.

“They’re my favorite right now."

Those are the words of four-star Woodbury (Minn.) quarterback Seth Green following his visit to Oregon last weekend. The top ten prospect from the 2016 class discussed the particulars of his visit with eDuck on Tuesday evening and from the start, he felt welcome in Eugene.

“They made me feel very wanted and at home,” he said.

Green was in town only for the day, arriving the morning of the game between then-No. 3 Oregon and then-No. 7 Michigan State. But the short time there didn’t take away from the experience.

“I just love the atmosphere,” he said. “It was a really good experience. I got to see what it was like on game day with all the fans there and how loud the stadium gets, so that was really cool.”

Green was impressed with how Oregon overcame a 27-18 defect in the second half to come away with a 46-27 victory. However, with offers from both programs under his belt, Green enjoyed observing both sides knowing that he could be playing under center for one of them in a couple of years.

“That was really fun,” he said. “I sort of sat there and watched both teams. I tried to enjoy the game as much as possible, but I know professionally me being like a quarterback and stuff you want to sort of dissect some of it. With that, they both showed really good showings, but Oregon just came away with it at the end and started performing well.”

While Connor Cook and Marcus Mariota operate under different offensive schemes, Green has familiarity running versions of the pro-style and spread offenses and compared the two.

“It’s kind of funny because in high school, the past two years, I’ve ran more of a pro-style offense and only thrown about twelve times a game, so that’s a lot more Michigan State,” he said. “So I just related that to Michigan State’s offense and what they’re doing to what I’m used to. But then this year for high school, we are doing a lot more spreads and read options. It looked a lot similar to Oregon’s, so that’s nice. It’s sort of cool to know what it’s like on both sides.”

Green said he feels comfortable with the spread offense despite the short amount of time East Ridge has utilized it. In two games this season, both victories, he’s thrown for four touchdowns and run for two more.

“It’s not really as big of a change as it sounds like,” he said. “I think it’s a bigger change the other way.”

Green received the opportunity to pick the brain of a couple of Oregon players during the visit, including Mariota. During the conversations, he learned why they chose to play college football in Eugene and was impressed by the loyalty they had to the university.

“I know when I vouch for my school I honestly mean every word I say,” he said. “So coming from them that means a lot.”

With the Oregon trip in the background, Green is planning on taking more but has yet to schedule additional visits. Michigan State, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Alabama are all on his list.

He plans on committing early, but as for when, the door is still open.

“I feel like the latest I would want to do it like spring/early summer,” he said.

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