Do You Believe In Karma…Yesss!

Shhhh…Here's not such a big secret. Colorado isn't very good.

Don’t tell anyone, but leading up to Saturday’s game against the Buffaloes and a week away from a Civil War which on paper is a mismatch, Oregon is two wins from an 11-win regular season and a conference title game from the sport’s first post-season playoff.

But while easy for fans to get ahead of themselves regarding what appears to be the soft underbelly of a schedule fraught with devilish adversaries, it’s that potential confidence that often precedes the type of disappointment a loss to such an underdog would ultimately entail.

I’m a karma guy, so I not only believe in the fickle-finger-of-fate, but fear it like the plague. I expect the unexpected, am weary of even the least of opponents, and quickly shoot-down assertions of victories in spite of the overwhelming odds of just that. I’ve seen the unthinkable happen, and due to such the possibility always exists in a mind conditioned by the pain of that past upset, missed field goal, or untimely injury capable of derailing it all.

True, the odds, experts, and fans on the street all lean in the direction of an Oregon blowout Saturday afternoon. And yes, Oregon State’s performance this season suggests they’re overmatched against this year’s Oregon Ducks. But while reason and rational thought are on Oregon’s side, sports are often a place where reason and rational thought temporarily go to die. I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it, and everyone who is a fan of games played on the field will see it eventually work for or against the teams they root for. Like death and taxes, it is inevitability in the life of a sports fanatic.

So in the spirit of karma, don’t take the bait.

For every fan of the Oregon Ducks, there are countless “haters” waiting mercilessly for that opportunity to pounce as a result of an Oregon defeat.

You know who I’m talking about: That guy at work who lures you into that chesty comment regarding your team. The guy at your golf course who regularly pats your team’s back in an effort to inflate their potential, only to insure an even bigger disappointment resulting in that unthinkable defeat. And that neighbor, who’d gladly trade his first-born for a win versus his arch rival that downplays his interest prior to his rivalry game only to celebrate “as if” when that unlikely upset occurs.

Those guys and those tactics are fodder for the weak, in their attempt to weaken the strong responsible for making their shift at work, day on the golf course, or morning trip to get the paper painful on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. They’d love nothing more than to see Oregon lose, and they’ll do everything in their power to turn the karma against you and yours.

Oregon will likely beat Colorado Saturday afternoon…but I’ll never rule-out the potential of conference foe. (Wink wink)

The Ducks will be heavy favorites against the Beavers a week from now…but the Civil War is always an intense rivalry game. (Wink, wink)

And in spite of being just 3 consecutive wins from college football’s inaugural playoff, there’s still a long way to go and 3 worthy opponents between them and their goal of playing in that postseason tournament. (Wink, wink)

You see how that works?

I wish Oregon luck in their remaining games and hope and pray to the college football gods that the ball will bounce in their favor. But first and foremost I wish them luck Saturday afternoon, in spite of the fact that that coworker, golfing buddy, and neighbor are telling you they don’t need it.

Karma, baby…there’s no reason to f*** with it.

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