Dial M for Mariota

We all know what the Heisman Trophy signifies, but only those who earn it can know what it means. While the numbers and statistics are part of the equation, perhaps a greater factor is that which cannot be quantified: Character. Marcus Mariota embodies all that the Heisman represents, on the field and off. This year, there has been none better than Mr. Mariota.

These images span a brilliant career at Oregon, beginning with earning the starting role after a strong Spring game in 2012. While there are some representative action shots, in others are elements of those elusive qualities that separate Mariota from his worthy competitors. His has not been a flawless tenure at Oregon, but in victory and defeat, Mr. Mariota has handled himself, and his team, with the dignity and grace that defines true sportsmanship. In my eyes, this is what the Heisman Trophy is all about.

Spring game 2012

Listens to his team

Early rushing TD set a tone

He put his body on the line

Took his lumps

There is an aura to his presence

Not without error

Ran the Ducks to the Fiesta Bowl

Not big on fanfare

He could win the day

He ran the offense

He passed the Huskies

Didn't win them all

Though found brothers in arms

Always kept his head up

Reliable in the clutch

He offered no complaints

He maintained game control

He ran with a vengeance

He personified determination

First trip to the Rose Bowl, 2014

Always a civil warrior

Gracious in victory

Appreciated his teammates

He is a leader

Ready to pass the torch?

He never turned his back

Always a Grateful Duck

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