"FSU Deserves 100% of our attention"

Oregon goes back to work with a new opponent on their mind in the Florida State Seminoles.

While awards are nice, and conference titles are many teams’ ultimate goal, the Ducks have an enormous task ahead of them in the Florida State Seminoles. The Ducks seem to be ready to go, business as usual as Oregon Offensive Coordinator Scott Frost is just happy to be back and get started on the game in Pasadena.

“They are a good defense. We have played a bunch of good defenses and these guys obviously have a lot of highly recruited kids from high school and a lot of talent. Every team presents a new challenge and they are going to be one of the best defenses we have faced all year,” said Frost.

Florida State’s even front defensive line is fast and athletic and will certainly give the Duck front line a big challenge. What is important about the long layoff between the conference championship and the Rose Bowl is the time that the offensive line has had to get healthy and gel together once again.

“I think we are going to have more depth than we have had in a long time along the front line. We should have just about everybody back and we have a bunch of guys who have played and who have experience. We have a couple weeks to get ready for this thing and it should be all hands on deck,” said Frost.

With the inaugural playoff, the Ducks will have a new challenge. For years, getting to the Rose Bowl was the top of the mountain. Should Oregon come away victorious in Pasadena, the Ducks will not have time to celebrate as they prepare for either Ohio State or Alabama. Despite the impending challenge after the Rose Bowl, Coach Frost is focused solely on the Seminoles.

“We are going to run whatever is going to give us the best chance to win each game. We don’t save anything and we don’t look ahead. We haven’t done it all year and we aren’t going to do it now. We are going to scheme up the best things for Florida State and pick our head up at the end of it and see where we go from there. Florida State deserves 100% of our attention,” said Frost.

The Ducks had a small distraction when preparing to face the Wildcats for the second time this year with Frost’s name being linked to the Nebraska job and just as he was then, he is now. 100% focused on the Ducks’ next opponent and trying to find a way to topple the defending national champions.

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