GALLERY: Ducks Dominate Florida State

Tony Washington and the Duck linebackers smashed the Seminole offense, while Marcus Mariota turned to Thomas Tyner, Darren Carrington, and the entire offense to waste the FSU defense. Oregon's win answered the doubters and critics that have maintained that this team was only about flashy uniforms and fast tempo; that it was all sizzle and no steak. The Ducks made their point. 59 of them, in fact.

The Oregon win puts them on the road to Arlington, for the National Championship game on January 12, 2015. With a season marked by challenges along the way, this team has done no less than meet each challenge and overcome them, one at a time. In a little more than a week, the Ducks will face one more foe, and the chance to write a fitting ending to a storybook season.

Excitement was in the air

Coaches lead the way

Defense took Winston out of his game

Oregon's Heisman winner went to work

Carrington caught and kept this one

And extended into the end zone

The Ducks' linebackers kept FSU offense in check

Prevot got to Winston

Tyner returned in a big way

Royce Freeman was held in check

Mariota and Grasu reunited on the field

Lowe with a sideline grab

Couldn't hold Buckner back

Dargan with another turnover

Winston sacked

Ducks stopped FSU in the red zone

And it's roses for Oregon

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