Oregon expressing interest in Texas OG

Godley (Tex.) offensive guard Blake Hickey is hearing from a number of new programs and Oregon is one of them. Find out how the Ducks entered the fold, what Hickey thinks about them and what his offseason plans are.

Armed with two offers already from Northwestern and Duke, Godley (Tex.) OG Blake Hickey is seeing more and more programs express interest in recruiting him. The 6-foot-3, 273-pound prospect told eDuck.com that Minnesota, Texas Tech, Texas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, SMU, Baylor and Oregon have all starting to reach out to him.

“Most of them are saying that they like my quickness,” Hickey said. “They like how they can see my hips, how well I roll my hips and finish blocks, and they like to see my lateral movement because in our offense we do a lot of pulling and stuff like that. So I’m pulling I’d say probably 70 percent of the time. They like to see me get out in space and get up on those linebackers and finish blocks. That’s what they’ve been telling me.”

The Ducks reached out to Hickey a couple of weeks ago through social media. Hickey then started talking with a member of the coaching staff and things have been progressing ever since.

“I can’t remember what coach it was off the top of my head,” Hickey said. “But he was talking to me for a little bit. I haven’t talked to him in probably four days actually, but we had a good conversation the other day and I really like Oregon. They’re probably one of my top schools.”

Hickey has never visited Oregon before, but said he was impressed with how Oregon dismantled Florida State in the Rose Bowl last month and showed the country they were more than just speed. He’s also taken note of how the Ducks have remained a national power without former head coach Chip Kelly.

“I really like how everything is going there and how they kept it rolling when Coach Kelly left and went to the NFL,” he said. “They kept the same philosophy how they’re going to run the plays in and out and that’s kind of what we do. We kind of run plays fast off the wristband. I just like what they do.”

An All-State honorable mention during his junior season, Hickey is no slouch in the classroom either with a self-reported a 3.65 grade point average. This Saturday he’ll take part in a Junior Day at TCU, but he said he’ll dedicate a lot of time this offseason to getting bigger, faster and stronger.

“That’s what everybody should be trying to do,” he said. “It’s awesome to get all this stuff going, get all these offers and coaches rolling in and all that stuff, but you can’t stop now. That hard work has gotten you to where you are now so you might as well just keep on going.”

Although it is early, Hickey has also given some thought to how he wants the recruiting process to play out. It won’t matter to him if the process takes a few weeks or all the way until National Signing Day just as long as he finds the right program.

"I’m not really sure what I’m going to do right now,” he said. “I’m just kind of sitting back and waiting to see what happens.”

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