Curhan planning busy spring break trip

Larkspur (Calif.) Redwood offensive lineman Jake Curhan discusses where he plans to visit this spring, who’s recruiting him the hardest and more.

At 6-foot-7, 305-pounds, Larkspur (Calif.) Redwood offensive lineman Jake Curhan is a big man with agile feet who has a penchant for downfield blocks. On film, his strength and size are without question evident and it has so far garnered him offers from Washington State, nearby California, and just last week, Colorado State.

Other programs are jumping into the mix as well, including Duke, Boston College, Arizona State, Vanderbilt and Oregon. In recent days, Curhan has traded messages with Ducks offensive line coach Steve Greatwood about his highlight reel.

“He said there were a few things he’d want to work on with me,” Curhan said. “But he said liked my film enough that he wanted me to come out and take a visit.”

Curhan stated that the key thing Greatwood wants to work with him on is his leg strength but he noted that the coach is also hoping to send someone down for further evaluation in May. Until then, Curhan said that he has an option to visit Oregon around Apr. 10-11 during his spring break.

“I think it’s pretty likely that that’s gonna happen,” Curhan said.

Although he didn’t have a favorite college football team growing up, Curhan expressed a strong desire to play in the Pac-12 and highlighted a main reason why he would love to play for Oregon.

“Obviously they were one of the best teams in college football last year,” he said. “And also just being from the West Coast, and the Pac-12 is really prevalent, and it’s definitely the conference that’s been on the rise in the last couple of years and, I don’t think it’s too arguable, I think they’re the second, maybe the best conference in the NCAA right now. So playing at any school in the Pac-12 would be incredible. Another thing about the Pac-12 which is different from a lot of the big conferences is that almost every school in the Pac-12 is also a really good academic school and that’s also something that’s important to me.”

Curhan isn’t tied down to the West Coast, but he admits the Pac-12 schools will have an advantage because they’re closer to him and can see him more frequently.

Living a mere 40 minutes away from Cal, Curhan said he will likely attend a spring practice in Berkley but that his spring break road trip will not include the Golden Bears. Instead, it will include several Pac-12 programs that he is interested in that he hasn’t been able to see yet.

“I think it’s likely I’ll be going to University of Washington,” he said. “If there’s a chance I can visit Washington State (I will) but they’re not too close. If I can get out there that’d be great so I can meet all the coaches I’ve been talking to and see what’s going on up there. But then I also plan on kind of going to Southern California, so USC and UCLA. I haven’t been down to either of those yet. Also, both the Arizona (programs).”

So that it isn't a distraction, Curhan wants his decision out of the way before his senior season and said he will announce as soon as he knows for sure where he wants to go, whether that’s next week or in August. Several programs are making the push to be his frontrunner although he is not ready to name a leader yet.

“Cal and Washington State have definitely been in the most contact so far,” he said. “Duke and Boston College, I think, also are recruiting me pretty well and then Arizona State’s been in a decent amount of contact…Vanderbilt has also been starting to recruit me as well.”

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