Things progressing between Winston and UO

Portland (Ore.) Central Catholic LB LaMar Winston talks about his evolving relationship with the University of Oregon, which programs are recruiting him the hardest and his spring/summer plans

Oregon has two in-state prospects attached to the 2016 class already and it’s working on a third in Central Catholic linebacker Lamar Winston. Already armed with an offer that he picked up in January, Winston told that things are progressing between both parties.

“I’ve been talking to three different coaches, you know the defensive coordinator, the linebacker coach and it’s been pretty good,” he said. “I’m going down to Oregon on the third of April and that should be pretty good. It’s coming up pretty soon so I’m excited about that.”

While on his unofficial visit there Winston hopes to find a place that feels like home.

“I want to be comfortable,” he said. “I want to make sure that this is a place that I know I can for sure be here for four years or the extent of time I’ll be there for you know? I just want it to be very genuine.”

The trip won’t be all about the athletic side though.

“I really want to see like classroom sizes,” Winston said. “What’s like the student to teacher ratio, see if the teachers will actually have time to work with students alone, you know, personally, stuff like that.”

Central Catholic is not only one of the state’s premier football programs having won back-to-back 6A state championships, but it also has a strong link to the Oregon program especially with the current class. Four-star safety Brady Breeze has been verbally committed to the program since last summer and former Ducks safety Anthony Newman is an assistant coach for the Rams.

Having those connections has been a big help for Winston as he continues to get to know the Oregon program better.

“I talk to Coach Newman,” he said. “He always has nothing but great things to say about the Ducks and Brady, he just goes hard. He’s a Duck fanatic so I always try to get to ask them and see how they’re feeling. I’ll ask Brady if he really loves Oregon that much, what it is he likes about it, you know that type of stuff, and dig deeper into Oregon. But I think the main source I want to get to is the coaches and that’s just because it’s their program, they’ve been running it for years, I want to see how solid the foundation is and get to really know how Oregon runs their stuff.”

Outside of Oregon, Winston has no shortage of suitors for his talents. He listed USC, UCLA, Washington State, Michigan, Washington, Cal, Oregon State and Boise State as programs all making a strong push.

Winston will visit California from July 16-21 and plans on visiting USC, UCLA and Michigan, which recently offered him. Winston said he will try to fit in as many visits as he could this offseason, but he will be packing his AAU basketball schedule into a busy offseason. Winston broke down how his hoops life helps and hurts him while he's away from football.

“It helps me by just keeping me very active,” he said. “The conditioning is great because I don’t get really get, football you get breaks between plays and stuff like that, you get a certain amount of time where you might be out, but basketball, especially AAU is very fast paced. You’re going and sometimes it’s like run and gun, not many teams slow down. It’ll be great for conditioning.

“It hinders me sometimes when my body might be sore going into that but I’m not going to be as active as I was previously because now I know what I’m going to play in college so it’ll be a different situation going into it this season.”

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