Sims preparing for big junior campaign

2017 Mobile (Ala.) Murphy running back Nicholas Sims is preparing for a big junior campaign and he hopes that it leads to some big offers.

Still two years away from setting foot on a college campus, Nicholas Sims is preparing to make an impact during his junior season. The 2017 Murphy prospect from Mobile (Ala.), has received attention from a handful of schools and is working hard to improve his stock on daily basis based on the suggestions he’s getting from letters.

“I’ve been hearing from Southern Mississippi, South Alabama, Baylor and Tennessee,” Sims said. “I have to call them basically. I’ll call them and they send me mail to my school like little questionnaires or little letters saying how I should do everyday, how I should work, get better, work hard everyday, basically that kinda thing. Other than that, they’ve invited me to camps so they can see my skill set, how I can catch the ball, my speed, and potentially offer me.”

Sims has a verified 40 time of 4.3 seconds and on film his speed, quick feet and cutting ability make him an intriguing prospect for teams that run up-tempo offenses. At 5-foot-9 175-pounds, he’s a little smaller than he’d like to be but improving his lower body strength is becoming a top priority.

“I’m always trying to improve on speed,” he said. “Speed, speed, speed. I’m always trying to get faster and basically my lower body, it’s strong but I’m trying to get the physical stature of my lower body bigger and trying to get lower as I run.” Ideally, Sims wants to add 35 pounds before he gets to college so that he can be a bit more of a bruiser back to complement his terrific speed. Coaches already like what they see from the sophomore despite the fact that he wasn’t a starter last season.

“They like how fast I move in and out of my cuts and they say I don’t take a play off,” Sims said. “But they’d like to see more production. Of course I start this season so they will see more production and I’ll give them what they asked for.”

Sims is poised for a breakout season in 2015 and if he’s able to accomplish that he hopes to hear from a few programs that fit his skill set.

“First off, I’d like to hear from Oregon,” he said. “Because I think I could fit in their skill set because our offense, we run a spread option offense and it mostly relies on speed and Oregon relies on speed.

“I grew up watching Alabama but I’ve kind of drifted away from the interest of going to Alabama because I don’t think I’d really fit in that type of offense. If I did they would probably move me to something like (defensive back) on the other side of the ball. But I’ve been wanting to hear from Oregon, I’ve been wanting to hear from Miami, as well Florida State and Texas A&M.”

Sims said that he’s open to a move to the defensive side of the ball in college but his heart remains largely at running back. At Murphy, Sims isn’t used much as a receiver except for the possible screen pass or wheel route out of the backfield, but he prides himself on his soft hands.

“When the ball is up in the air I can go for it pretty much every single time,” he said.

Sims has been invited to one day camps at LSU, Florida State, Arkansas State and Cincinnati, as well as several local camps in Alabama. He said he wants to hit five camps at FBS programs in the near future. As far as unofficial visits go, outside of Oregon, there are two other programs that Sims is trying to see.

“I don’t have a timeframe but I want to visit Auburn and Texas A&M,” he said.

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