Eletise Amazed By Northwest Visits

Honolulu (Hawaii) Kaiser offensive lineman Michael Eletise breaks down his time in the Pacific Northwest and what’s up next for him.

Four-star offensive lineman Michael Eletise spent the last few days in the Pacific Northwest visiting Washington, Oregon State and Oregon. Immediately after landing back home, the 6-foot-4, 302-pound Hawaiian big man spoke with eDuck.com and was astonished by what he saw at each program. If anything, each one only improved their outlook with him.

“I love all three of the schools,” he said. “Each one was really, really a great experience to go see.”

At Oregon State, Eletise was amazed by what he saw on campus, but it was the drive into Corvallis that first caught his eye.

“I haven’t seen a cow in a long time,” he said. “I was super excited about that and everybody was probably looking at my like I was stupid, but honestly I was like, ‘Wow, they have cows!’”

Eletise said he was impressed with the facilities and being able to speak with the coaching staff in person after so many conversations through social media. He also sat down with an psychology academic advisor and mapped out his future should he become a Beaver.

“He took me through the courses, and how many credits each one was, and how that would apply to certain things and how I could fit the schedule around my football season,” he said. “I thought that was really neat that they would take the time to pull out the advisor for each of the majors I wanted to take.”

Heading south to Eugene, Eletise stayed the night and pigged out at The Original Pancake House in the morning, something that almost made him late for his visit. Hurrying over to the football complex, he caught a glimpse of the updated facilities.

“We rushed over to Oregon and the minute we turned the corner and saw the facilities, I felt my jaw drop because the facilities were amazing,” he said. “They were so huge and modern and I couldn’t even say anything.”

Eletise eventually got a tour and walked around Autzen Stadium before sitting in on an offensive line meeting.

“That was really cool to see how they did that,” he said. “They were breaking down their plays and everything.”

Eletise was thrilled to spend time with offensive line coach Steve Greatwood. The two discussed having him visit again for a longer period of time so that he could see everything UO had to offer.

“He acts so friendly and nice,” he said. “He’s a great coach. You can tell by the way he coaches his team that he’s a great coach. It was really an honor talking with Coach Greatwood.”

Up north in Seattle, Eletise was blown away when Husky Stadium appeared over the horizon.

“I couldn’t even speak because we were driving down the freeway headed towards Washington,” he said. “And saw the stadium and the water surrounding the stadium and the mountains. I can’t explain it because I’m so used to Hawaii and how it is over here. Everything is so nice. It’s awesome over there.”

Eletise took in practice, got a tour of the facilities and took a closer look at Husky Stadium. He said he was impressed at how offensive line coach Chris Strausser kept his players engaged and entertained during his time at a position meeting. Later, he spoke with some graduate assistants about why they chose UW.

“They love it there,” he said. “They took us around the facilities like the other schools, which was really good. Their facilities are great, their stadium is amazing.” Eletise also enjoyed checking out the academic side of the university, specifically the library.

“I think my favorite building that’s non-football related would have to be the library,” he said. “Because it was such a nice library. I guess they call it the Harry Potter library because when you go inside the library it looks like one of the rooms from Harry Potter.”

After three incredible visits, Eletise will now see some coaches come to him. He expects to see USC and Oregon come by for evaluations next week, and expects to see more coaches at an upcoming Gridiron Performance Academy camp. Hoping that it leads to bigger things, Eletise is confident he knows what he needs to do to impress the coaches.

“I’ve got to do what I do best,” he said. “Play football.”

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