Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich held his Tuesday Media Conference and spoke about Vernon Adams, Georgia State and Marcus Mariota.

Head Coach Mark Helfrich spoke with the media following September 15th's practice. Helfrich spoke about the teams response in practice. Helfrich also spoke about facing Georgia State and the comparisons between both offenses and defenses. 

 "I like the look in their eye of just a combination of missed opportunity and looking ahead and saying a lot of good things to each other," Helfrich said. 
Helfrich said that Georgia State's offense contains a bunch of athletic guys that make the play action work. Following the loss to Michigan State on September 12th, Helfrich felt that the defense became a closer unit especially after the first drive. He notes that initial drive, the defense didn't have any kind of uncertainty but recognized of what happened and accountability. 
"(Michigan State) had the ball a ton in the third quarter and into the fourth quarter and that will pay off," Helfrich said. "We talk all the time about a sense of urgency but sometimes it takes a true punch in the gut." 
While not acknowledging Vernon Adams' injury to his right index finger, Helfrich did say that Adams has "taken accountability for things" that may or may not have been his fault.
Helfrich was also asked if he had watched Marcus Mariota's performance on Sunday against Tampa Bay. Helfrich admitted he has not had a chance to watch the entire game but was impressed with his former quarterback's performance.
"It was impressive to go to that level and play that efficiently," remarked Helfrich of Mariota. "I've seen him do that before, but to do it at the level against that competition was extremely impressive."
Oregon's game with Georgia State is Saturday with kickoff at 11 a.m. and will be broadcast on Pac-12 Networks.

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