Brian Swinney asks Steve Summers why the Ducks are giving up so much yardage and so many points.

When Oregon meets Utah on Saturday evening, which Duck defense will show up? The defense that allowed Eastern Washington 549 yards, six touchdowns and 42 points or the defense that allowed Utah in Salt Lake City last year 440 yards and 27 points compared to Oregon's 51?

Oregon's defense has been under lots of scrutiney this season and actually the critics have been bringing up points about Oregon defensive side of the ball for the last two season. While Utah lost by 24 points to the Ducks in 2014, Oregon got lucky on one memorable misque by the Utah offense when Kaeiin Clay dropped the ball one-yard short of the goal line on an uncontested run that should have ended up as a score for the Utes. However, Joe Walker alertly picked the ball up when the referee did not blow the whistle and ran the ball back 100 yards to give Oregon a touchdown instead.

This year the Ducks likely won't be that lucky. If they are to keep Utah running back Devontae Booker and his 105-yard per game average out of the endzone and running wild in Autzen Stadium then something has to happen fast for a defense that seems looking for answers.

If the causes for Oregon's defensive woes that find Oregon at the bottom of the conference in points allowed and total yards allowed, then the team leaders and coaches need to make sure the message is loud and clear about missed tackles and failed assignments. 

Brian Swinney asks Steve Summers what's wrong with the Oregon defense, which for many Duck fans is the proverbial $64 question. Summers offers some reasons but for many, it has been a real head skratcher. 

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