Utah's offensive line has been reshaped so the question is can Oregon's struggling defense exploit it?

Utah's offensive line has struggled at times this year and there are still questions at some of the positions. Can Oregon struggling defense get right by having a big day on Saturday against the Utah offensive line?

Utah is a run oriented team so if the Ducks can contain the run will that end some of the woes the Oregon defenders have gone through?

While the Oregon defense has allowed 456.3 yards per game, most of that has been against the pass against three teams that throw the ball a lot. Against the run however, Oregon has been more successful giving up 140.3 yards per game. It should be noted of course that Michigan State rushed for 197 yards, including one long run of 62 yards. The problem for Oregon this week is 
Devontae Booker with a 115 yards average, but he has 22 carries in thriee games more than the nearest Pac-12 running back. In fact three backs, Nick Wilson from Arizona (62 carries for 434 yards, 144.7 ypg) Paul Perkins of UCLA (58 carries, 429 yards, 143.0) and Oregon's Royce Freeman (55, 373, 124) have fewer carries and more yards.

Booker has had to create the yardage on his own according Brian Swinney, so the question is can Oregon be effective in holding the productive Booker.

Steve Summers offers his thoughts.

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