Mark Helfrich addresses questions about Bryon Marshall and Chris Seisay

Head coach Mark Helfrich spoke with the media following practice on Thursday Oct. 1st. Helfrich spoke about this past week’s practice following a historic loss to the Utah Utes. Helfrich also spoke about the status of versatile player Byron Marshall, who sustained an injury in the game against the Utes.

"(Byron Marshall) is week-to-week instead of day-to-day but nobody really knows yet exactly what the timeline is,” Helfrich said.

 Reports broke earlier in the day that cornerback Chris Seisay was also going to be out for the season with an undisclosed injury that required surgery. Helfrich said that Seisay has the same status as Marshall going forth.

 With Marshall primarily playing wide receiver, coach Helfrich and his staff will look to the depth of the wide receivers to help in the passing game. Marshall started out as a running back then converted to wide receiver at the beginning of last season, Helfrich could be going back to that same game plan.

 “We will continue to move those guys around as they develop,” Helfrich said, “whether it be Tony (Brooks-James) or Taj (Griffin) or Jalen Brown.”

 Last year, the Ducks also sustain significant injuries but still ended the season with being at the first ever college football playoff championships. Helfrich could be looking at the lessons learned from last year and apply them to this year’s squad.

 “You can just look back and value not talking about it,” Helfrich said. “There is nothing good about it other than people galvanizing around the situation.”

 Helfrich expresses that nothing good comes from crying about it or having a pity party because every team deals with injuries.

 “Not to downplay the injury at all or to de-value that person in any way shape or form but we are onward,” Helfrich said.

 The Ducks will be traveling to Boulder, Colorado to face the 3-1 Colorado Buffaloes on Saturday Oct. 3rd.


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