Ready to emerge?

Quarterback <a href=>Joey Harrington's</a> rookie season wasn't a thing of beauty but the Lions are hoping it has given him the foundation he needs for a better 2003 season.

"Last year, as much as I tried, I wasn't always prepared to put the team in the best situations," he said. "That's the job of the quarterback -- to put the team in the position to be successful. I feel like right now I'm a lot more prepared to do that."

Harrington said he didn't have a problem with his first and second reads, but when the defenses threw new looks at him he admitted he was sometimes lost looking for a third or fourth receiver. The other adjustment Harrington had to make, as a rookie NFL starter was the length of the season.

"You get to week seven in the NFL and, all of a sudden, you've played a full college season. You still have a half season left to go. It's a long haul."

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