Ducks could move on to Sweet-16 with win over St.Joseph's on Sunday.

SPOKANE, WASH. -- The No. 1 seed conducted practice on Saturday and while the actual practice session was closed, the NCAA granted media access to the locker room following the workout. The mood of the team is high as the players and coaches recognize the upcoming game as a critical encounter and if successful, the Ducks can soar even higher on their quest to win the school second NCAA Men's Basketball championship.

A player who has been a huge part of the Ducks success in 2016 is Tyler Dorsey.

It  is  sometimes hard to believe that Dorsey is a freshman. His on court player leads one to believe he could make a living out of playing this game and at the end of this run, no matter how well the Ducks do in the tournament, there will be concern among Duck fans, and rightfully so,if Dorsey will stay and continue his college career or move on to the professional ranks.

Make no mistake about it,  Dorsey is a very talented basketball player who will easily make an NBA roster next season. The question is of course, just high in the NBA draft could he go?

Some say that if he stays at least another year, he could potentially be as high as a top-3 pick in the NBA draft, meaning his  is a franchise quality player.

Right now though, his thoughts and focus is completely on St. Joseph's, the Ducks' next opponent on Sunday evening with tip off scheduled for around 6:30 p.m. (Pacific).

Oregon will need Dorsey's strength and energy, plus his 13.7 points per game scoring average.

When talking to Dorsey though, one can easily see the enthusiasm he has for the game and his team. He is a solid Oregon contributor and if he and his teammates are successful, the Ducks can hoist up another national championship banner to keep the first one they received way back in 1939 company.

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