New OC Matt Lubick On Day Two of Spring Ball

New Oregon play caller Matt Lubick addressed the media today for the first time under his new title. Lubick expressed his content with the first two days of spring practices and the strides his players made today with only one day of spring ball under their belts.

Former quarterbacks coach and new offensive coordinator, Matt Lubick, made his media debut today as the Ducks new play caller. "I'm enjoying it, each day is a little bit different and there's new stuff," Lubick said on his transition from being a position coach to a coordinator, "I'm around a bunch of great coaches that make it easy on me." Lubick went on to say that other than bouncing around to all the positions his daily routines haven't changed all that much. 

"I'm very happy with attitudes; the guys are having fun. Spring ball is a great time because you're not worried about an opponent... You just gotta make yourself better and for coaches, that's a blast." - Matt Lubick

When asked about how the reps at quarterback are being distributed in practice Lubick responded, "It's hard to rep five guys... With Dakota [Prukop] in the mix and Travis [Jonsen] and Terry [Wilson] we want to give those guys the majority of the reps." He went on to praise Jeff Lockie and Taylor Alie in their understanding of the rep distribution and added that they have been very active in helping the new guys get acclimated to the program. "If you're new the only way that you can learn what's going on is you have to be thrown into the fire... they haven't proven it yet [Prukop, Jonsen, and Wilson] but we want to see what those guys can do," said Lubick. True freshman quarterback

True freshman quarterback Terry Wilson who enrolled early this spring as a three-star prospect out of Oklahoma City, is impressing coach Lubick in his limited exposure to the Oregon offense. "Today you could tell he was so much more confident. We told him we know you're gonna make mistakes. If he's not making mistakes he's probably not pushing the envelope... but we want him not to dwell on them." Lubick noted that he gave all the quarterbacks that same speech and that they are making mistakes but they aren't making the same mistakes twice.

Amid rumors of Oregon basketball forward Dwayne Benjamin joining the Ducks for their 2016 football endeavors, Coach Lubick stated, "We'd be happy to have him... we had a good experience with Jonathan Loyd... I watched his [high school] film and I'd love to have him." Benjamin is a senior now but was an All-State wide receiver at Northside High School in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

Coach Lubick also praised his tight end Pharaoh Brown in his work recovering from the nasty 2014 injury he suffered on national TV in Salt Lake City against Utah. "He's come back and he's practicing with us and his attitude and what he can do... he's way ahead in the healing process." Brown was available to the media today as well and went out of his way to thank all of his supporters along his road to recovery. "Thank you for the support. I read all the fan mail that I got... and I look forward to seeing everybody at the spring game and this season."

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