Pharaoh Brown & The Offense Making Progress

Matt Lubick spoke to the media about how the offense is coming along heading into the final four practices of spring camp as well as how dynamic do-it-all tight end, Pharaoh Brown, is coming along on his journey back to playing football.

Eugene, Ore-- Pharaoh Brown has been a significant story through spring and has made huge strides coming back from his particularly gruesome injury that occurred during the Ducks' 2014 campaign. Up to this point, Brown's status for the upcoming spring game has been unknown but his performance in Monday's scrimmage may be a good indicator as to whether or not he is ready for full contact in a more competitive environment.

"It's really amazing. I was surprised he got in there because it was full contact go. I didn't even know he was in there... he just jumped in there and fortunately he did get the ball in space and it was fun because it was the old Pharaoh and he broke four tackles," Matt Lubick said of Brown's play on Monday. "Part of coming back and taking your first contact is just a confidence deal and four guys tried to tackle him and nobody did and he ran through them all. It got him excited and it fired up our football team."

Pharaoh Brown's play during Mondays scrimmage.

The Ducks held their third competition day of the spring this morning and the offense just missed out on taking the win and stumbled on their final drive of the practice.

"We didn't execute, they did a good job and they forced us to execute and we missed a pass, so they won competition day. they've got us two games to one right now so they get extra cupcakes," Matt Lubick joked today after practice.

Despite the loss, Lubick liked what he saw out of his quarterbacks today and how they are running the offense. With installation of the playbook and the nuances that come along with it complete, this is the point in spring where things start to ramp up as players are doing less thinking and more reacting, "They've repped everything... that enables those guys to play faster which is a big deal in our offense," Lubick explained.

"That's the part about getting better if there's something out there that we think will make us better, that's not gunna take away from what we already do well, we'll put it in... that's something we're always discussing and it's always a work in progress." - Matt Lubick

The Ducks trademark blur offense combines the pass-happy spread with a larger volume of high reward, low risk running plays with up-tempo playcalling and Lubick doesn't intend to go away from what has made this offense so entertaining since the turn of the century. Coach Lubick was asked if there was any fear of the offense growing stale as teams have been able to get more and more film on the program over the years, "Spring ball is always a time to try some new things but we're always gunna install our base offense," said Lubick, "We're not reinventing the wheel. Everything is gunna be similar and we just wanna do what we do well and do it with a few little tweaks here and there."

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