Helfrich On This Week's Draft & Spring Game

The Ducks held an open practice this morning on their second to last practice of the spring session. Head Coach, Mark Helfrich talked to the media about a handful of goings-on around the program heading into the final spring practice.

EUGENE, Ore--The Ducks football program doesn't often give a lot of insight into the events held in their fortress of a practice facility, the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex, but today the team opened its gates to fans and held their first open practice of the 2016 season. After practice as fans poured out of the facility head coach, Mark Helfrich told the media about his plans for a busy week of football that includes wrapping up spring camp, planning the format of the spring game, and sending off some of his more successful UO football alumni to the NFL via Thursday evenings draft.

"My agent said that I'm not gunna get drafted again, so I'll probably not pay attention," Helfrich joked when asked about his draft day plans. The head coach of the Ducks admitted that he's not a huge fan of watching the draft but that he remains excited for his players that are moving on to the next step in their careers. 

Coach Helfrich also said that he has been fielding calls from GMs, scouts, and coaches regarding his former players.

"Especially those top guys, I've had a few guys text and call last week on DeForest Buckner," related Helfrich.."The great thing about it, almost without exception the last several years, is it's easy. What the film says is what you're gunna get. Great kids and DeForest is a great example of that, just a great, great person that will make any franchise better." 

The format of this Saturday's spring game has also been unknown. Different schools have diverse versions of how to play out their spring football games. Some create an alternate scoring system and play straight up offense versus defense and some draft two separate teams as evenly as possible and play out a regular game. The Ducks have traditionally done the latter with the first half of the game being a full scrimmage and the second half being a more open fluid format. Helfrich expects the format to stay much the same and will also work out the specifics of the game's format and drafting teams this afternoon. 

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