Oregon players are participating in informal workouts during the summer session as fall camp nears.

Oregon's fall camp starts on August 8, 2016 and the pace around the Autzen complex is slow and easy -- at least to bystanders enjoying a pleasant Oregon afternoon. However, for the Oregon Ducks, the unofficial workouts have been going on since the start of the summer session in June and with just two weeks until fall camp starts the question of how workouts have been going and has the attendance been good?

On Tuesday, eDuck.com was able to talk to several players and record responses to the question about conditioning. Two senior players were asked about the summer workouts, wide receiver Dwayne Stanford and  offensive lineman Cam Hunt. Both players have been around the program for at least four years and have never seen an Oregon team win fewer than nine games in a season.

Both played in the National Championship game two years ago and also were on the team that had less than stellar performances in 2015.

It was painfully obvious to anyone that watched games like the Utah game, that the depth of the team in terms to conditioning was not quite the same as it had been the previous year when Oregon won 13 game before losing to Ohio State in the championship game played at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

Many would contend that how a team does in November will be determine by the work it does in June.

So, how was the turnout? 

According to both Stanford and Hunt the answer was very positive..

In fact Stanford went so far as to say, "pretty much everyone was there." He went on to say that this was "the best summer attendance wise."

From Hunt's standpoint, his group -- the offensive linemen have been the "hardest working group in the weight room" this summer. In fact some of the linemen have set records this off season.

Oregon will formally get underway on August 8 while the first game of the season against Cal-Davis is scheduled for Sept. 3, at Autzen Stadium.

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