WR Devon Allen talks about up coming Nebraska game.

Last week was Devon Allen's second break out game. His first came against Michigan State two years ago when he caught a 70-yard pass from Marcus Mariota and streaked to the endzone for a touchdown. Last Saturday, Allen made another big impression, this time hauling in a pass from Dakota Prukop and flashed into the endzone for a 75-yard scoring play.

Allen was well on his way to being a major weapon in the Oregon arsonal, but when he was injured on the opening kickoff of the 2015 Rose Bowl against Florida State, his football as well as his track career went on hold until the damaged knee healed up.

Last year, Allen made it back for a few games but did not have any explosion plays and some wondered if his impact on the football field might be over. Of course, as every Duck fan knows, Allen won the NCAA 110m Hurdles and qualified for the US Olympic team. He went to Rio Olympics in August and made it to the medal round before finishing fifth in the finals.

Allen came home to Eugene during Oregon's game preparation week for Cal Davis and didn't record a catch but did have one rush for six-yards.

Then Virginia came to town last weekend and Allen was obviously ready.

The speedster had two important catches. The first one was for 55-yards when Oregon was holding a 13-6 lead over Virginia in the second quarter. The Ducks had mounted a drive and found Oregn at the Virginia 35, but on the next snap, Dakota Prukop went incomplete to Jalen Brown. Second-and-10 saw Tony Brooks-James take a handoff but was caught in the backfield for a six-yard loss, leading to third-and-10 with the ball on the Virginia 41. Then next snap was stopped when the Ducks were called for a false start and the ball moved back the the Virginia 46, but Oregon's penalty woes were not over as a flag was thrown for a 15-yard personal foul and now it was 3rd-and-36 from the Oregon 39. The Ducks were progressively going backwards and looked like the drive was completely doomed as Prukop scrambled after receiving the snap and was again going the wrong direction, but this time, somehow he spotted Allen downfield and heaved the ball in his direction. 

Allen initially did not see the ball, but picked it up in his vision and hauled in for an incredible 55-yard reception.

The drive stayed alive and ultimately the Ducks scored when Prukop hit  Dwayne Stanford on a scoring pass 2-yards out.

Allen's next big play occurred in the third quarter when Prukop fired a strike to Allen who was mid-stride when he caught the ball and the foot race that followed was no contest. Allen was in for the 77-yard score (the official drive is listed as 75 yards, but a holding penalty caused the discrepancy between total distance of the drive and the catch and run by Allen) and after the point after, Oregon was in a commanding 37-13 lead.

For the game, Allen had four catches for 141 yards and the touchdown. He also had another six-yard rush to go along with the carry from the first game.

Allen's performance along with Royce Freeman's 207 yards of rushing and Prukop's 21-of-31 passing for 331 yards and three TDs, made it a big day for the Ducks.

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