Oregon in Colorado game week preparation

Resliance is a trademark of young men and it certainly holds true for Oregon quarterback Dakota Prukop. On Wednesday, the third day of the week for game preparation for Colorado, rather dishoved fans and/or amature reporters, were still asking Prukop about last week's game against Nebraska.

Prukop politely but firmly said that he and the team have moved on from Nebraska and now are focused on the Colorado game.

Oregon would do itself a favor, especially now when the team has suffered a loss, to take a little closer look at who is showing up to interview its players. When looking at this video one sees young men who look that they just got out of bed and ran down to poke a microphone (or in this case a cell phone) in the face of an athlete.

Prukop for his part and to his credit, answered the questions patiently and as completely as possible.

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