Oregon prepares for WSU

Steve Greatwood has a message for his charges and the team as a whole, stay focused, stay toether, believe in the system and the Ducks will win a lot of football games.

Oregon is 2-2 for the sason, but for an experienced coach like Steve Greatwood the message to his players is to stay together and believe in this team. Greatwood believes that if the team does that, they will win a lot of games.

Greatwood is in a good position to know, he's been a coach for going on 30 years and at Oregon he's seen the very highest point and also has seen the very lowest.

While the fandom maybe in panic, not so much for the the longtime coach.

He indicates in post practice comments that he thinks this offensive line unit could end up as being one of the very best at Oregon -- and when looking at the lineup currently, with four red-shirt freshmen starting, that's saying a lot.

Whether it happens this week remains to be seen, but from all appearances the message from the Oregon coaching staff to team -- stay together, buy into the program and things will workout fine.


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