Frustration is obvious but Duck coaches continue to stress what they've always stressed

Defensive backs coach John Neal is stumped. Oregon has had playmakers in the past but for some reason this year, the pedigree of playmaker has seemingly stopped. Neal isn’t sure why, but he knows that the Ducks desperately need for a player to make the transition from one of the guys to the guy who makes a big play.

Oregon will continue to coach the same way they’ve always done, but now it is up to the players to take what they’ve learned and turn it into performance on the field.

That is probably easier said than done, but at this point the difference between winning and losing is with the players.

“Right now we got to get better, we can’t stop certain plays,” Neal observed of the team’s attitude. “Arizona State right now is looking at the film (of Oregon, thinking ‘geesh, this easy.”

Neal admits his team has to make it so it is not easy.

It is a big challenge and obviously a very frustrating for a coach who has seen lots of winning at Oregon.

Oregon is currently 2-5 for the season and 0-4 in conference play. The Ducks may have their best chance of having players step up to make plays and to stop those easy plays this Saturday starting a 2:00 p.m. at Autzen Stadium when Arizona State comes to town.

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