Part I of Willie Taggart's Welcome to Oregon press conference.

In the first part of a three part series, watching and listening to Oregon Head Coach Willie Taggart, one comes away with the impression that there is going be a major injection of excitement into the Oregon Football program. Taggart was formally introduced on Thursday morning and when the coach took the podium, there was no doubt that he was in charge.

“I cannot wait to get this press conference over with so I can get to work,” announced Willie Taggart in his opening remarks.

Enthusiasm is going to be a trademark of the Taggart regime and he also outlined what he expects of the program by telling that those in attendance should expect to see somethings in the future.

“What can you expect from the Oregon football program as we move forward?” Taggart asked rhetorically. “Everyone in our football program, everyone that touches our football program, will attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.”

Taggart went on to say that he doesn’t get alone with “boring people” and that those in his program is going to have what he calls “juice,” and that fans will see a football program competing for a championship every week.

The first part of this three part series are Taggart’s opening remarks. Part II and III are video of the coach answering media questions.

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