The media starts asking Taggart questions in this segment

In part II of Willie Taggart's first media conference at Oregon, the coach began taking questions for the media.

“I was excited,” said Taggart of the interview process that resulted in him being hired. "I thought I did a good job (in the interview).. I told Rob (Mullens, Athletic Dirctor) that I'm sitting on "G" and I'll be waiting for "O" literally."

It's hard not to get caught up in Taggart's entusiasm especially after thel last four years, that were more about evasiveness than direct answers.

The new headman emphsised that while having big dreams is good, in order to realize those dreams requires a lot of work, effort and patience. 

Winning not only on the field but off the field too for Taggart, and he made the point that no matter what the dream is, the team will have to go out and "doi something."

Taggart met with the team about an hour before the media conference and told them he wants the be three things: 1) the best student they can be; 2) the best football player they can be' and 3) the best character they can have.

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