The third part of Willie Taggart's first media conference.

In the final segment of Willie Taggart's first press conference at Oregon, the new head coach answers more media questions.

“From the outside from afar, you’re surprised they didn’t have a good season,” responded Taggart of his most recent impressions of Oregon during the 2016 season. “I think when you look at Oregon you expect a lot of wins and a team that is physical.”

 Taggart believes in order to win championships, the team has to be physical, plus has to have good football players. 

One of the bigger laughs of the media conference occurred when Taggart was asked how he intends to improve the defense.

"Get a really good defensive coordinator," replied Taggart. "The very best one we can get."

There are indications that none of the current staff will be retained and that the old staff have cleaned out their offices and are no longer allowed to enter or access any of the football program facilities. However there will be a process in which Taggart starts looking for a new staff as soon as possible and rehiring any of the old staff has not been officially ruled out.

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