Stephen Herron is a 2019 recruit and has been extended an offer.

2019 DE prospect Stephen Herron, 6-4, 220, Trinity HS, Louisville, Ky., is a hot prospect, and he hasn't even finished his sophomore year of high school yet. On January 4, the Oregon Ducks entered the race for his eventual services by extending an offer. Here is the transcript of the conversation between Herron and

Stephen Herron

Congrats on the Oregon Offer, when did you get the offer?

 SH: Last night.

 Which coach did you talk with?

 SH: Coach (Donte) Pimpleton.

 Where you able to set up a visit date?

 SH: Not yet I have to see my schedule and see when I have some open dates but I said either over spring or summer break

 How many offers do you currently have?

 SH: Seven, including the Duck offer.

 Have you been to Oregon before? Is distance a factor for you and your family?

 SH: No sir, and not a factor as in recruiting, but more a factor in getting up there for visits.

 How interested are you in the Ducks?

 SH: I'm extremely interesting in the ducks considering they're in a passing conference. I'm grateful, PAC-12 is pretty much the premier passing conference. At this point in time I play pass; I'm made for it, although I'm working to be more balanced, everyone has a strong suit and mine is running after a quarterback!

 What position do you want to play at the college level? What do you weigh now, how much do you want to weigh in college?

 SH: I'm 228 right now and we plan to be about 245-255 in college to keep my speed either DE or OLB depending on the defensive strategy of the team I model make game off someone like Von Miller or Bud Dupree.

 What your impression of the new coaching staff, Has Coach Pimpleton been your main contact? Did he recruit you before getting to Oregon?

 SH: I like the new staff Coach (Willie) Taggart knows my trainer Chris Vaughn so they kept in contact and had hinted about offers before

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