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Following the news that Jairus Brents, 5-10, 185, Waggener Trad HS,, Louisville, Ky., had received an offer from Oregon, eDuck.com reached out to him. Bellow is a transcript of the conversation.

Jairus Brents

When, and who did you get your offer from?

 JB: Last night from Coach Pimpleton

 How many current offers do you have?

  JB: I have 32 offers.

 How interested in Oregon are you?

 JB: Very interested in Oregon, it's a school I always really wanted to see, and visit.

 Have you ever visited Oregon or the West Coast before? How much of a factor is distance for you and your family?

JB: Distance is not a factor, I want to play for the school that best fit me, and my family will support that.


Do you have a scheduled visit to Oregon set?


JB: I don't have a scheduled visit set up yet, however my godfather and owner of the gym I train at Chris Vaughn will take me down there, as well as my training partner Stephen Herron who was also offered a scholarship.


What your current height and weight? What weight do you want to play at in college? What position do you want to play in college?


JB: I am 5-10, 185; I will play DB in college.


What your impression of the new coaching staff?


JB: I have a great relationship with Coach Pimpleton, he offered me at South Florida


What do you like to do for fun?


JB: I like to train for fun, I'm always trying to do something to get better.


Do you and Stephen Herron want to go to the same school?


JB: We would definitely consider it.


(Highlight video courtesy SpartanNation.com)


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