Myles Sims received an offer on Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017 from Oregon.

On Thursday, the Oregon Ducks tendered an offer to 2018 safety Myles Sims, 6-2.5, 173, Westlake HS, Atlanta, Ga., and on Friday communicated with him regarding his recruiting status. Below is the transcription of the communication.

Myles Sims

Hello Myles, did you get an Oregon offer?

MS: Yes, I did

Which Coach have you been speaking with?

MS: I haven't spoken with a coach yet, but I think the coach that is recruiting me is Coach (Darius) Pimpleton?

Did he text you?

MS: No, my head Coach Kareem Reid informed me that he had offered.

This was yesterday?

MS: I believe so.

Do you plan on taking an official visit to Eugene?

MS:  Not right now. I don't have any plans for making a visit to Eugene.

Have you ever been to Oregon or the West Coast before? How big of a factor is distance for you and your family?

MS: I have not traveled to the west coast ever, but long distance doesn't affect my recruitment.

How interested are you in Oregon?

MS: I have the same amount of interest in Oregon as I do with all my other schools.

How many offers to you currently hold? Who the last school to offer?

MS: I have 26 and Oregon is my latest.

What your current height and weight? What weight would you like to play at in college?

 MS: I'm at 170, I would like to be at 190.

 Is there a group of schools you’re focusing your attention on, or are you pretty open at this time?

 MS: I'm open right now.

 Is there a pro or college player that you look up to? Why? 

MS: Jalen Ramsey he's tall long and physical.

Do you have plans to be an early enrollee?

 MS: Yes, I do plan on early enrolling.

 Favorite subject or teacher in High School? Why?

 MS: Math it's easy to understand.

 I wish that was true for me, thank you for your time.

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